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The Clone Wars S07E04 Unfinished Business

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“Trust placed in another is trust earned.”

Reunited! With the help of the Bad Batch, Captain Rex rescues his old friend, ARC Trooper Echo, from the Techno Union.

The Separatists’ loss of Echo’s strategic algorithm provides a chance for the Republic to turn the tide in the Battle for Anaxes.

However, Echo’s horrifying experience behind enemy lines leaves lingering questions of his true loyalty and uncertain future….

At Fort Anaxes, Jedi Masters Mace Windu and Obi-Wan Kenobi inform Anakin Skywalker and Rex about their strategy to retake Anaxes from the Separatists. Echo, recently rescued, offers to help in the war effort. However, Rex advises his comrade that he is unprepared for such a mission. Despite this, Windu shows interest in hearing Echo’s plan. Echo proposes infiltrating the Separatist Admiral Trench’s dreadnought above Anaxes and deceiving him by providing the Separatist systems with false strategies and ensuring the Republic emerges victorious in Anaxes. Windu and Kenobi agree to the plan.

Skywalker, Rex, Echo, and the Bad Batch take off on the Marauder for their mission. While en route to the Separatist fleet, Wrecker complains about being sent on yet another stealth mission. The clones get permission to dock with the Separatist dreadnought after Echo sends a signal that cloaks their ship as the Separatist shuttle TC-59. Meanwhile, on Anaxes, Republic forces under Masters Windu and Kenobi attack the main Separatist assembly plant with LAAT gunships and BTL-B Y-wing starfighter/bombers. While ARC-170 fighters distract the Vulture Droids to buy the Republic time, the Y-wings begin bombing the plant. Upon entering the assembly plant, Windu offers the B1-series battle droids a chance to surrender and be reprogrammed. However, the droids reject the offer and attack Windu and his men. Meanwhile, the clones use grappling hooks to descend into the factory.

On Trench’s dreadnought, a super tactical droid informs the Admiral that the assembly plant has come under attack. Trench smiles and remarks that he will use the Republic’s arrogance and desperation to his advantage. Meanwhile, Echo, Tech, and Anakin infiltrated the dreadnought’s interface unit and implemented their plan. Unaware of the recent events on Skako Minor, Admiral Trench orders his tactical droid to contact Skako Minor for Echo’s algorithm. Tech can mask Echo’s transmission as originating from Skako Minor, fooling Trench. Posing as the algorithm, Echo advises the Admiral to mobilize all troops to the assembly plant, claiming that the Republic would send all their reinforcements there due to their faith in the Jedi. The Separatist plan was to smash all Republic forces with one strike. Admiral Trench gloats and deploys more reinforcements to the assembly plant.

Tech picks up Trench’s transmission and informs his comrades. Hunter initially sees this as a bad sign until Echo explains his plan to send feedback pulses to shut down all of the Separatist droids. Anakin then informs Windu and Kenobi about Echo’s plan, which they attribute to Skywalker.

In the middle of a battle, Trench thinks he has the upper hand and sends all his troops to the assembly plant. But Echo uses a pulse to shut down all the Separatist droids, which surprises Trench because the pulse was supposed to work. The tactical droid tells him that the source of the pulse came from Trench’s dreadnought. Trench realizes that intruders are on his ship and sends battle droids to deal with them. He then swears to destroy the Republic. However, before the clones can leave, Echo receives a message that Trench plans to activate a bomb underneath the assembly plant. Echo decides to stop him while Skywalker goes to confront Trench.

On Anaxes, Windu and Kenobi learn from the clones that Trench has planted a bomb in the plant’s fusion generator. They prepare to disarm it, but the bomb is shielded. Echo transmits the sequence to shut it down, but Trench jams the signal, causing Echo to be electrocuted. Super battle droids attack the clones, and Windu orders a retreat.

Meanwhile, Admiral Trench orders an attack on Anaxes and sends more battle droids to deal with the clone infiltrators. Anakin blocks Trench’s path and demands that he reveal the final number to disarm the bomb. Trench refuses, so Skywalker cuts off his left arm and repeats his demand. Trench complies, and Skywalker gives the number to Windu, allowing him to disarm the bomb. Trench attacks Skywalker with his remaining arms, but Anakin kills him. Before leaving the command bridge, Anakin takes the remote detonator.

On the dreadnought, the clones fight back against the battle droids. Wrecker rips several droids apart, while Crosshair plants detonators. The clones escape with Skywalker on the Marauder, and once they are safe, Wrecker blows up Trench’s dreadnought and other warships.

After the battle, Windu, Kenobi, and Skywalker praise Echo, Rex, and the Bad Batch. The clones are awarded medals, but the Bad Batch decides not to attend the ceremony. Hunter encourages Echo to join them if he doesn’t fit in anywhere else. Rex tells Echo he is welcome to go with them, and Echo chooses to do so. Rex sees him off, and Echo and the Bad Batch salute.



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