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Model: SoroSuub Imagecaster
Type: Personal holoprojector
Cost: 1,000
Availability: 2

Game Notes: Can project holographic images up to 30 centimeters across and stores up to 100 minutes’ worth of images. Can be connected to almost any data source, including droids, holorecorders and larger holoprojectors. It cannot transmit or receive images by itself, but if two comlink are each connected to an Imagecaster, they can send and receive real-time images. Energy cell lasts for 24 hours of use.

Background: A holoprojector was a device that could record, send, receive, and/or display holograms. Holoprojectors came in various sizes. Low-quality holoprojectors did a poor job of rendering colors accurately, as they fed everything through a strong blue filter. Transmission across light-years often distorted hologram consistency.

The SoroSuub Imagecaster was a handheld holoprojector that saw use by many Clone Troopers during the Clone Wars. It could be directly linked to the Clone Troopers helmet comlink.

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