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Model: Electrobinoculars
Type: Electrobinoculars
Scale: Character
Skill: Sensors
Cost: 100 credits
Availability: 1
Range: 100 meters to 1 kilometer

Game notes: All search and Perception-oriented skills are increased by 3D when using the electrobinoculars to view areas more than 100 meters away. If attached to a blaster via specialized programming software, they provide a +3D bonus to all medium and long-range shots, provided the attacker is in a steady “sniper” position.

Background: Electrobinoculars were hand-held viewing devices that allowed users to observe distant objects in most lighting conditions.

The device’s internal display gave the user information about the object’s range, relative and true azimuths, and elevation.

With the built-in zoom capability, objects could appear closer for detailed inspection, or the depth of a field could be widened to examine the surrounding area. Additionally, radiation sensors and a night-vision mode extended the usefulness of this piece of equipment. A typical pair of electrobinoculars weighed roughly 1 kilogram and cost 1,000 credits.

Electrobinoculars were sometimes confused with macrobinoculars. However, electrobinoculars enhanced images through the use of sophisticated built-in computers, while macrobinoculars did not offer this feature.

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