Thursday, June 20, 2024

Planets of the Galaxy


The Star Wars movies are set against a vast panorama: a galaxy of countless worlds teeming with strange life-forms, exotic locations and adventure. This Planets Collection provides a glimpse of that amazing setting!

One of the more appealing aspects of the Star Wars movies is the sense of the unknown and exploration. Even since the dawn of time, humanity
has related stories of “what lies over there,” inventing imaginary locations, creatures and beings that populate unexplored areas. The Star
Wars movies postulate a galaxy of a “thousand-thousand worlds,” yet we only visit half a dozen planets in those movies. What lies beyond Bespin,
Hoth and Tatooine?

This Planet Collection is a compendium of worlds that gives the reader some answers. The planets in this section cover a wide range of settings and situations that are perfect for the roleplaying game.

If you would like an interactive map of the Star Wars Galaxy please visit:

If you would like a detailed view of how to create your own planets please visit our Plant System Generation Guide.