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Model: CachSwif KLW-1 Fuel Canister
Type: Universal starship fuel canister
Scale: Character
Length: 1.2 meters high
Cargo Capacity: 210 kilograms (55 gallons)
Cover: 3/4
Cost: 1,000 (new); 700 (used)
Body Strength: 5D

Game Notes: Because of the volatility of Rhydonium, even special containers need proper upkeep or they will quickly weaken (Body Strength 3D). A weakened canister is easily breached using a blaster pistol causing the contents to detonate. Treat a result of wounded or better as detonating the fuel canister (Blast Radius: 0-3/6/12/25; Damage: 5D/4D/3D/2D).

Background: Rhydonium was a volatile starship fuel. Highly explosive, it was dangerous to salvage and its fumes were harmful to human health. It could be found on Abafar, Morak, Saracor, and Tralgaria.

When poured out of its container, rhydonium appeared like spilled chrome. It could be scraped up and salvaged, but only under a high degree of safety measures, as rhydonium was dangerous to exposed skin. Inhaling rhydonium fumes could damage human vocal cords, potentially rendering someone mute. Exposure could also cause brain damage. Rhydonium was highly explosive, the explosions produced typically being extremely colorful, though the explosions caused by rhydonium mined near an Imperial refinery on Morak were only orange in color. The fuel’s volatile nature meant that it was tricky to transport at ground level, necessitating a low speed otherwise the fuel would become agitated and explode.

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