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Name: R4-P17
Type: Industrial Automaton R4-P Astromech Droid
Degree: 2nd Degree
Class: Astromech Droid
Sensor Color: Red
Plating Color: Red, White & Silver
Gender: Feminine Personality
Personality Module: Elementary


Languages 3D

Astrogation: 5D
Repulsorlift Operation 4D
Starfighter Piloting: 3D
Space Transports: 3D

Search 3D


Computer Programming/Repair 4D+2
Droid Repair 4D
Repulsorlift Repair 5D
Security 4D
Starfighter Repair: 5D

Equipped With:
• Three wheeled legs (one retractable)
• Internal comlink
• Small electric arc welder (3D damage, 0.3 m range)
• • Photoreceptor with infrared vision (can see in the dark up to 30 meters)
Internal storage (extra space available for 8 kilograms of storage or upgrades)
• 4 tool mounts (has four appendages that have tools attached to them)
• Acoustic signaler
• Video display screen
• Holographic projector/recorder (one meter range)
• Fire extinguisher
• Small internal “cargo” area (20 cm by 8 cm)
• Broad-band antenna receiver (can monitor all broadcast and communication frequencies)
• Information storage/retrieval jack for computer link-up

Game Note: Despite bearing the R4 prefix, the R4-P model possessed the dome-shaped head of a standard R2- or R3-series astromech droid rather than the cone-shaped one of standard R4 units.

Move: 8
Size: 1 meter tall
Cost: 2,500

Background: R4-P17 was manufactured by Industrial Automaton sometime prior to the Clone Wars. A model of the R4-P sub-line of the R4 astromech, the feminine astromech droid accompanied Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi to Kamino and Geonosis as the Jedi sought to uncover the mysteries behind the assassination attempts on Naboo senator Padmé Amidala that occurred on the galactic capital Coruscant.

During the final days of the Clone Wars, R4-P17 joined Obi-Wan Kenobi once again aboard his Eta-2 Actis-class light interceptor in a battle above Coruscant. During the battle, Jedi Knights Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker approached Separatist General Grievous’ flagship, the Invisible Hand, in an attempt to rescue the kidnapped Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. As the two Jedi neared the flagship they encountered attacks from Pistoeka sabotage droids; during the attack, R4’s dome was torn apart by a buzz droid, ending her career.

She was later replaced by R4-G9 as Kenobi’s companion droid during his travel to the planet Utapau.

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