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Stun-web Shooter

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Type: Stun-web Shooter
Scale: Character
Skill: Missile weapons
Ammo: 3
Cost: 600
Availability: 3
Range: 5-10/30/60
Damage: 5D stun
Game Notes: Upon initial contact, the target individual must make an opposed Strength roll to avoid entanglement; the snare has Strength 5D. Failure to do so results in entanglement.

Background: A stun-web shooter was a weapon that could fire stun nets. The Separatist Admiral Trench had one built into the first of his cybernetic arms. However, when he attempted to use it on Anakin Skywalker after the Jedi Knight confronted him on the bridge of his flagship, the Invulnerable, above Anaxes, Skywalker jumped out of the way so the net ensnared a commando droid instead, and cut the Harch admiral’s prosthetics completely off.

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