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Species: Harsh
Home Planet: Secundus Ando

Attribute Dice: 12D

Special Abilities:
Extra Limbs: Harch have six arms. The extra limbs give them a bonus to climbing +1 per arm (up to +2D)
Natural Ambidexterity: Harch do not suffer penalties for an off hand.

Move: 9-11
Size: 1.5 meters tall

Background: Harches were an imposing humanoid, spider-like sentient species native to the planet Secundus Ando, in the Mid Rim. They had six arms and six red eyes, and a pair of chelicerae near their mouths. Harches had grey skin and were covered in brown or white hair. Harches also had a habit of making clicking noises sometimes when they talked. Admiral Trench of the Confederacy of Independent Systems was a male Harch. Trench was one of the largest members of his species.

With physiology derived from arachnid ancestors, the sentient Harch species were genetic cousins of the Aqualish. Shorter and stockier than the average human, Harch weighed about the same due to a tough exoskeleton that was coated in hair ranging from brown to pale gray. Members of the species had 8 limbs: six fully functional arms and two legs. The arms ended in furless, three-fingered, dark pink hands and the legs ended in furred two-toed feet.

Their heads included two large primary eyes below two pairs of smaller eyes and above two, large, protruding jaws or chelicerae. The eyes were all red and the smaller eyes were excellent at sensing movement and changes in light, but were less able of seeing color or detail. The species was genetically diverse, with some inheriting spinerets or venom from their arachnid predecessors. Harch were capable of eating solid meat and vegetation, and did, but preferred a diet of liquid proteins. It was rumored that the Harch were a long lived species with lifespans that could stretch for centuries.

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