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HoloNet News Vol 531 No 47

SENATE ROTUNDA, CORUSCANT – The Senate chambers filled with loud outcries of protest and dismay yesterday morning following Senator Garm Bel Iblis’ surprise announcement that Corellia would close its borders and pull out of the Military Creation Act vote. Full Story >>

Top Headlines

Senate Approves Transit Tax
The Senate has approved a surtax on passengers traveling via registered starliner, effective immediately. Full Story >>

New Jedi Starfighter Unveiled
In a closed testing range at the Kuat Drive Yards, Jedi and Republic officials were on hand to inspect the performance of the newly modified Delta-7 Aethersprite light interceptor. Full Story >>

Recent Headlines

Currency Upheavals Deliver Profits to IBC
Point / Counterpoint: Military Creation Act
Coruscant Eliminated in Galactic Cup Opening Round
Groundquakes Hit Berchest Cities

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• Yarua to Tikkes: “Ruuarraararagh!”
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• Local Man Ruins Everything
• The Outer Rim: Should We Care?

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HoloNet News Vol. 531 #47 was one of many in-universe HoloNet News issues published shortly before the release of Attack of the Clones. This issue was released March 14, 2002. It is also included in The Cestus Deception. Its in-universe date is 13:3:14 GrS.

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