JT-12 Jetpack

Model: Merr-Sonn Munitions JT-12 Jetpack
Type: Personal jet pack
Skill: Jet pack operation
Cost: 500
Availability: 2
Weight: 15 kilograms
Charges: 20
Altitude Range: Up to 2 kilometers
Maneuverability: 2D
Move: 50; 145 kmh
Body Strength: 2D+1

Game Notes: Base difficulty is Easy, modified by obstacles. May carry an extra 100 kilograms of cargo, besides the operator, but movement is halved.

Background: A model of jetpack used during the Clone Wars by several factions including the Galactic Republic and Death Watch. Several variations of the jetpack existed including the JT-12C and the JT-12 EVA. The jetpack was capable of short and long distance jumps. The average maximum speed in fight was 145 kilometers per hour.

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