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HoloNet News Vol 531 No 52

THEED, NABOO – The displaced citizenry of the Separatist crisis has newfound options today as a coalition of 10 worlds in the Mid Rim have loosened immigration restrictions to allow refugee resettlement. Full Story >>

Today in History
417 Years Ago — The Ithorian Spore crisis begins.
166 Years Ago — The Treaty of Vors signed
123 Years Ago — The Third General Survey begins to explore the spiral arms
48 Years Ago — The Kira Run is discovered, connecting the Lazerian and Ropagi systems.

Quick Poll
If you were a refugee, where would you choose?

Naboo: 56%
Monastary 3%
Cerea: 4%
I’d live on Coruscant illegally: 31%
Other: 6%

Original Source:

HoloNet News Vol. 531 #52 was one of many in-universe HoloNet News issues published shortly before the release of Attack of the Clones. This issue was released April 18, 2002. In-universe, it was published on the date 13:4:18, which corresponds to 22 BBY.

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