Ship & Vehicle Equipment

Onboard Computers

Vehicle Remote Activation Controller
Personal Vehicle Coordinator
CD-12a Autopilot Droid Brain
Imperial Neural Interface Device
System Diagnostic Filter
Archaic Atrogation Plotter
Alliance MasterNav
Nav Computer Bypass

Sensor Countermeasures

Comm Jammer
Sensor Jammer
Sensor Jamming Hardware
Sensor Mask
Sensor Baffling
“Mimic” Decoy
“Trickster” Sensor Decoys
Copycat Pod

Ship Weapons


SoroSuub Boav Ion Drive
Incom Starslinger Ion Drive
Corellian Evader-GT Ion Drive
Boshaa-C’hi Ion Drive
Starscream-9 Ion Drive
Baffled Drive
x5 Hyperdrive
x4 Hyperdrive
x3 Hyperdrive
x2 Hyperdrive
x1 Hyperdrive
Hyperdrive Booster
Syluire-31 Hyperspace Ring


Cargo Netting
Loader’s Gloves
Crate Hooks
Gear Bag
Corrosion Prevantative
Tech Scanner
Power Scanner
Starship Tool Kit
Tasari Mining Kit
Laser Welder
Power Prybar
Squib Battering Ram
Fusion Cutter
Heavy Fusion Cutter
Portable Plasma Cutter
Plasma Punch
Anti-static toolbox
Murchason ring stress analyzer
T3 web comber


Power Coupling
Plasma Torch Boarding Device
Cotterdam Universal Airlock
Universal Airlock
Givin Emergency Vacuum Seal
Personal Forcefield Generator
Deflector Shields
Cargo-Mover Tractor Beam
Tractor Beam
Backup Battery

Number of dice

Type of die: