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HoloNet News Vol 531 No 48

GALACTIC CITY, CORUSCANT – Supreme Chancellor Palpatine once again took to the HoloNet, not to announce an impending vote or Senate session, but instead to offer an open invitation to Count Dooku, popular leader of the Separatist movement, to parley. Full Story >>

Top Headlines

Kashyyyk/Trandoshan Talks to Shaky Start
Jedi Master Oppo Rancisis arrived today for the first day of the Kashyyyk/Trandosha peace negotiations. Full Story >>

Corporate Alliance Attacks Slicer Compound
Forces of the Corporate Alliance unleashed volleys of missile-delivered retribution to an industrial espionage training center. Full Story >>

Recent Headlines

Transport Collision Closes Corulag-Jatir Hyperroute
Senator Horox Ryyder Retires
Zorba the Hutt Sentenced to 45 Years
People’s Inquest Demand Jedi Budget Reports

• On 2:28, we erroneously referred to Deland Tyerell by his former Aleenan racing nickname of “Pabs.” Tyerell has not used that name in several years, and we apologize for the error.
• On 2:21, we reported on the secession of the Bimkall sector from the Republic. Upon further review, that sector does not exist. HoloNet News apologizes for any confusion.

Quick Poll
What do you think of Palpatine’s attempts of negotiation with the Separatists?

The solution to this crisis lies in diplomacy: 26%
It is futile, and he is stalling the inevitable: 28%
He makes the Republic look weak: 29%
Other: 17%

Original Source:

HoloNet News Vol. 531 #48 was one of many in-universe HoloNet News issues published shortly before the release of Attack of the Clones. This issue was released March 21, 2002. In-universe, it was published on the date 13:3:21, which corresponds to 22 BBY.

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