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2-1B Medical Droid

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Type: 2-1B Medical Droid
Degree: First Degree
Class: Medical Droid
Sensor Color: Yellow
Plating Color: Blue Gray
Gender: Masculine Personality
Personality Module: Advanced


Alien Species: 5D

(A) Bacta Tank Operation: 5D

(A) Injury/ailment Diagnosis: 6D


First Aid: 6D
(A) Medicine: 9D

Equipped With:

• Computer interface tether (5 meters long). When connected to medical mainframe, adds +2D to all medical skills)
• Medical diagnostic computer
• Analytical computer
• Surgical attachments
• Hypodermic injectors (4D stun damage)
• Medicine dispensers
• Stabilizing Feet
• Hydraulic Legs
• Vocabulator

Special Abilities:

Move: 4
Height: 1.5 meters tall
Cost: 4,300 (new)
Availability: 2

Background: Humanoid in appearance, all 2-1B series droids were equipped with encyclopedic memory banks. Their memory banks and modular limbs helped ensure that the droids gave the best course of medical treatment in any given medical situation. The droids also had stabilizing feet, hydraulic legs, vocabulators, hydraulics covered by a transparent shell, and some even had hypodermic injectors.

2-1B droids boasted remarkable joint articulation coupled with their precision-crafted servogrip pincers, which could be replaced with multiple attachments to suit various requirements. The droids could be upgraded to specialize in neurosurgery, alien biology, cybernetic limb replacement, pediatrics, and podiatry.

Though they were designed to treat humans, they were able to treat the diseases and injuries of millions of different species using stored data. They often worked alongside FX-7 medical droids. Due to the need to care for patients, 2-1B droids spoke numerous languages.

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