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Model: Cybot Galactica Nexus Scomp-link
Type: Computer interface
Scale: Character
Skill: Computer programming/repair
Cost: 800
Availability: 2

Game Notes: The scomp-link allows information transfer from a droid to virtually any type of data-storage device (such as a computer, dataplaque or datapad). In addition, the scomplink allows a droid to search computer networks for information (adding +1 D to computer programming/repair rolls).

Background: A scomp link was an accessory that allowed an astromech droid or BD unit to plug into a computer via a socket. Also, Imperial droids such as the KX-series security droid had one. It consisted of an extendable arm with a rotating tip. The clone trooper CT-1409 “Echo” had his right arm replaced with a scomp link by the Techno Union after sustaining heavy injuries.

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