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Background: CT-9904, nicknamed “Crosshair,” was a clone commando who served in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars as part of Clone Force 99. Crosshair possessed genetic mutations that gave him exceptional eyesight and because of it, he acted as a sniper, taking advantage of his marksmanship skills.

Upon the activation of Order 66, Crosshair was the lone member of Clone Force 99 that attempted to carry out the order. Frustrated with his team’s disregard for the rise of the Galactic Empire, Crosshair was eventually selected by Governor Wilhuff Tarkin to remain loyal to the Empire, and was deployed against his former teammates with the military rank of Clone Commander.

While he had his chip removed, he remained loyal to the Empire. Crosshair also wished for Clone Force 99 to band together once more, albeit under the new Empire; to that end, he shot down his Elite Squad members in Tipoca City on Kamino and fought alongside his brothers in arms before being caught in the destruction of the city. He managed to survive, however stayed with the Empire.

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