Teth was a jungle planet located in Wild Space. At some point, the world was inhabited by the B’omarr Order. However, by the time of the Clone Wars, their castles were abandoned, though some would be converted by the Hutts into formidable strongholds. Some distance from the B’omarr monasteries and the Tomb of Ziro the Hutt’s father, an area of mysterious rock formations could be found on the surface of Teth.

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Daro was a forested rocky planet situated in the Outer Rim Territories. Though data claimed that the planet contained no settlements or installations, the Galactic Empire maintained a secret military base within a mountain on Daro in the time shortly after the regime’s formation, where troopers were recruited as part of Project War-Mantle.

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Valo was a forested planet in the Valo system on the edge of the Rseik sector. During the time of the High Republic Era, the Galactic Republic hosted the Republic Fair on Valo, with dignitaries and visitors from across the galaxy visiting the planet to attend. A Nihil attack on Valo left much of the planet destroyed and hundreds of thousands dead in 235 BBY / 765 GC.

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Aduba-3 was an isolated planet on the Outer Rim that became a haven for criminals and spacers with nowhere else to go. Originally settled by colonists from the Sacred Way religion, Aduba-3 became saturated by outsiders after a bogus chromium rush—this scam, run by the criminal Tenloss Syndicate, led to the planet’s sole city of Tun Aduban becoming a shadowport by the era of the Galactic Civil War.

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