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The Clone Wars S05E18 The Jedi Who Knew Too Much

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Courage begins by trusting oneself.

Terror at the Temple! The Jedi Temple
is in disarray after a vicious
terrorist attack. Anakin Skywalker
and Ahsoka Tano set out to find the
truth of who was really behind this
horrendous catastrophe. Their
investigation led them to discover
the true saboteur, Letta Turmond.

Now the Jedi attempt to return the
Temple to normalcy. But first, Master
Yoda must give a eulogy to the fallen
Jedi warriors….

At the Jedi Temple, Master Yoda delivers a eulogy for the Jedi who lost their lives in an explosion. Many senior Jedi and Republic figures attend the ceremony. While listening to the eulogy, Ahsoka Tano observes that Barriss Offee is mourning deeply. She inquires if Barriss was close to any of the fallen Jedi. Barriss shares that she was a training companion of Tutso Mara. Yoda encourages everyone in attendance to “live for the living.”

Following the funeral, Ahsoka, Barriss, and Anakin Skywalker resumed their duties alongside Admiral Tarkin. Tarkin informed them that Letta Turmond, who bombed the Jedi Temple, was in military custody instead of Jedi custody. Ahsoka disagreed with this decision and expressed her concern. Anakin asked her to console Barriss, who was visibly upset. While riding the lift with Tarkin, Anakin shared his disappointment with Ahsoka’s immaturity.

During a conversation about the significance of overcoming emotions as a Jedi, Ahsoka is summoned to the war room. Upon arrival, Tarkin interrupts Obi-Wan Kenobi’s report to inform them that Letta Turmond requests to speak exclusively with Ahsoka. Despite this unexpected development, Ahsoka agrees to meet with Letta and promises to share any information she uncovers.

Upon reaching the facility, Letta disclosed that she was directed to seek assistance from Ahsoka if she ever required it. Ahsoka requests privacy as it becomes apparent that Letta prefers not to converse in public. Letta then confesses that bombing the temple did not originate from her but from a Jedi. According to her explanation, some think the Jedi have transformed from peacekeepers to war instruments. She further alleges that a Jedi who shares this opinion bombed the temple to make a statement. She expresses concern that this Jedi may harm her and requests Ahsoka’s protection. However, Ahsoka does not make any promises but instead urges Letta to provide more details. Unfortunately, just as Letta is about to disclose the Jedi’s identity, she is choked by the Force and dies.

The clones notice the security camera footage, which shows Ahsoka choking Letta. They rush into the cell to find Letta dead and arrest Ahsoka as the only suspect. Tarkin later arrives to confront her and shows her the video recording of Letta’s death with no audio to accompany it.

Anakin tried to see Ahsoka but was stopped by Tarkin. Later, Ahsoka found a key card outside her cell and used it to escape. She discovered her lightsaber and comlink next to wounded clones along the way. Commander Fox arrived and hit the emergency button. Anakin stopped Fox from giving a shoot-on-sight order and asked Ahsoka to return. Ahsoka believed that only Anakin believed in her and kept running.

Anakin directed the clones to apprehend her without causing harm. Upon being sighted near a statue, a pursuit ensued, leading her to flee into industrial areas to lose the clones. Amid a tumultuous scene, the group encircles her, causing her to drop her shoto while deflecting their stun blasts. Swiftly, she leaps onto a pipe nearby and manages to flee through the pipe system. Anakin eventually tracks her down to an outlet leading to a vertical shaft. She declares that she refuses to bear the punishment for a misdeed she did not commit. As Rex and Fox approach from the tunnel behind Anakin, she implores him to have faith in her and boldly jumps out of the pipe onto a passing ship, successfully evading them.


Barris Offee - Jedi Padawan
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