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Force Powers

Telekinetic Kill

Force Power: Telekinetic Kill

Control Difficulty: Easy. Modified by proximity.

Sense Difficulty: Easy. Modified by proximity.

Alter Difficulty: The target’s control or Perception roll.

Required Power: Control Pain, Inflict Pain, Injure/Kill, Life Sense

Game Note: A character who uses this power automatically receives a dark side Point.

Effect: This power is used to telekinetically injure or kill a target. When the user makes his alter roll against the character’s control or Perception total to determine damage. The exact method used to kill the target varies: collapse the trachea, stir the brain, squeeze the heart, or any number of other methods.

Background: Telekinetic Kill was a dark side Force power where one would use the the Force to choke or strangle a victim, oftentimes with a grip-like gesture. It was a technique of telekinesis that was frequently employed by the Sith and other users of the dark side of the Force, although there were some cases where Jedi or other users of the light side would use the technique.

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