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Species: Chagrian
Homeworld: Champala

Attribute Dice: 12D

Move: 10/12
Size: 1.7 to 2.2 meters tall

Special Abilities:
Amphibious: Chagrians can survive both on land and in water.

Low Light Vision: Poor lighting penalities are reduced by 2D.

Radiation Resistance: Chagrians gain a +2D bonus when resisting damage caused by radiation.

Story Factors:
Weak Sense of Taste: Chagrians lose their sense of taste, and as such, they do not relish food the way most other species do. Many feel that eating is a waste of time.

Background: Chagrians were an amphibious sentient species of tall, horned humanoids with blue skin that were native to the planet Champala. Chagrians were most notably recognized by their thick tentacles that curved around their shoulders, as well as two more horn-like extremities above their heads.

Chagrians were an amphibian sentient species that began life with an immature tadpole stage. Born in clutches of two or three, each tadpole measured thirty centimeters long and was initially entirely aquatic. Chagrians could only begin to breathe air after developing lungs as they matured, and also developed two arms and two legs. Once these limbs were fully developed the Chagrians emerged from the water entirely and the other aspects of their intermediate physiology faded away entirely.

As adults, Chagrians were bipedal humanoids who remained as comfortable submerged in water as they were out of it. As they could breathe fully underwater, members of the species could spend months or years entirely submerged with no ill effects. Their bodies were muscular and powerful, meaning that they were well suited to not only excellent swimming but also heavy labor. As they were constantly exposed to the salt water seas of their homeworld Champala, Chagrians could rarely taste anything but salt, and so had an extremely weak sense of taste. Because of this, Chagrian’s tongues were used to enhance their sense of smell rather than taste. In a similar fashion to some reptiles, Chagrians would briefly flicker their tongues in and out of their mouth in order to assess the viability of new food and drink. Chagrians could easily adapt to the seas of other worlds as long as the chemical makeup of the water was similar to that on Champala.

Standing two meters tall on average, Chagrians visually looked similar to most other bipedal humanoids, with the most distinctive characteristics being their vibrant skin color and cranial horns. Chagrian skin ranged from light blue to cerulean to indigo due to the species’ exposure to radiation from their unstable sun as they evolved. Their skin developed to provide an innate resistance to harmful radiation, which became a dominant trait of their species.

All Chagrians possessed a pair of elegant horns that grew down on either side of their head, protruding down over their torso from a pair of fleshy head tentacles. Male Chagrians also possessed a second set of horns, known as lethorns, which protruded straight up from the top of their head. The horns were either a darker purple or brown at the base, with the upper and mid portions being white or yellow. A Chagrian’s head also featured two eyes well developed to see in dim sub-aquatic light and a nose above the mouth, and their hands had five fingers.

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