Kel Dor

Species: Kel Dor
Home Planet: Dorin

Attribute Dice: 12D

Special Abilities:
Low Light Vision: Kel Dor can see twice as far as a normal human in poor lighting conditions.

Story Factors:
Atmospheric Dependence: Kel Dor cannot survive without their native atmosphere, and must wear breath masks and protective eye wear. Without a breath mask and protective goggles, a Kel Dor will be blind within 5 rounds and must make a Moderate Strength check or go unconscious. Each round thereafter, the difficulty increases by +3. Once unconscious, the Kel Dor will take one level of damage per round unless returned to his native atmosphere.

Move: 10/12
Size: 1.4 to 2 meters tall.

Background: Kel Dors were a sentient species native to the planet Dorin. In order to survive oxygen-rich environments, they were required to wear specialized breath masks that covered their eyes and nostrils. A notable Kel Dor was Jedi Master Plo Koon, who served on the Jedi Council prior to the fall of the Jedi Order. He was among the Jedi killed during Order 66. Bo Keevil was also a member of species, who served as a pilot in Ace Squadron.

The Kel Dor were a tall, humanoid species that possessed four fingers on each hand. The thick, leathery hide that covered their bodies allowed them to survive exposure to the vacuum of space for a time. The Kel Dor wore masks to filter the air when they were offworld due to oxygen being poisonous to them. They also wore goggles to protect their eye fluids from evaporating. Genetically, they were distantly related to the Gand and Tognath species, who similarly wore breath masks when offworld.

Kel Dor society was made of clans. The antiox masks that the Kel Dor wore were decorated with patterns that were unique to each clan.

The Kel Dor were directly represented in the Galactic Senate. Within the Senate Building, the Kel Dor delegation occupied several rooms that were equipped so that antiox masks were unnecessary.

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