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Galactic City

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Name: Galactic City
Planet: Coruscant
Starport Type: Imperial Class
Traffic: High
Control: Republic / Imperial
Docking Areas: Hangers, bays, Capital Ship Ports
Docking Fee: 225 credits per day
Customs: Republic / Imperial
Law Enforcement: High
Services: Repair, Fuel, Market, Food, Drink, Lodging, Bounty Hunter Guild, Vehicles, Starships, Entertainment, Trade, and more
Population: Billions
Points of Interest: Galactic Museum, Galaxies Opera House, Imperial Palace, Jedi Temple, Monument Plaza, Old Galactic Market, Republic Executive Building, Senate Building, The Works

Background: Galactic City, was the name of the dense ecumenopolis that covered the surface levels of the planet Coruscant. It comprised the entirety of Level 5127. Areas of the city included the Senate District, The Works, and CoCo Town. Built over thousands of years, Galactic City was home to over a trillion individuals.

Underneath Galactic City were the thousands of lower levels of Coruscant collectively called the underworld.

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