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The Clone Wars S06E11 Voices

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Madness can sometimes be the path to truth.

Jedi mystery!
A lightsaber was found
on the moon of Oba Diah,
belonging to Sifo-Dyas,
the Jedi responsible for
the creation of the clone army.
The Jedi have learned
that before the start of the war
Count Dooku murdered Sifo-Dyas
and skillfully manipulated the Republic
into the galactic conflict
intending for the Jedi to fight
with the clones at their side.
Now, as the Jedi Council meets to
discuss the purpose of this deception,
Master Yoda meditates deep into
the Force in search of answers.

While meditating for answers regarding the creation of the Clone Army, Yoda hears a voice who claims to be the late Jedi Master, Qui-Gon Jinn, having become a part of the Living Force, demonstrating his presence by levitating Yoda and random objects in the room.

During a session of the Council, in which Ki-Adi Mundi theorizes that Count Dooku is merely a Sith apprentice, Yoda is deep in thought, and the other council members take notice of this. Sensing distress, Mace Windu, in a private discussion with Obi-Wan Kenobi, suggests they keep an eye on him.

Anakin hears Qui-Gon’s voice calling Yoda’s name in the Jedi Temple garden before spotting the Grand Master meditating. Yoda questions Anakin about his encounter with Qui-Gon’s ghost on Mortis. Obi-Wan believed his former master to be an illusion created from their memories, but Anakin remains uncertain about the Jedi teachings regarding individuals unable to retain their identity after death.

Later, Yoda speaks to the Council about the voice. After the Council spends an entire day meditating to hear Qui-Gon, Ki-Adi Mundi believes that Yoda is under attack from the Sith, feeling that if they were to attack the Jedi Order, Yoda would be the best target.

The Jedi doctor recommends that Yoda undergo a treatment that will find the answers. During the treatment, Yoda hears Qui-Gon again, telling him this is not how to communicate. He instructs the Grand Master to travel to Dagobah and advises that he tell no one of this.

Yoda ultimately is kept confined to his bed in the hospital as the other Jedi order Temple Guards placed outside the doors of the room. Anakin is sent to help Yoda escape from the infirmary, where he proceeds to Dagobah with R2-D2.

Upon arrival, Yoda ventures into the swamp alone. He makes contact with Qui-Gon, who manifests as a glowing swarm of fireflies. Qui-Gon explains how living beings generate the Living Force, which feeds into the Cosmic Force and communicates with the living through midi-chlorins. However, Qui-Gon is unable to show himself as his training was incomplete. Yoda asks if he knows the Sith Lord’s identity. Qui-Gon tells Yoda to go to a place where the answers will be revealed to him.

Yoda ventures into a cave, where he experiences a vision of Jedi fighting clones and the Sith Lord, Darth Sidious, cutting down a group of Jedi masters. As the vision ends, Yoda stumbles out of the cave and collapses. As Qui-Gon rouses him, Yoda asks when the Sith will enact their plans. Qui-Gon says that with each day the Clone War goes on, evil feeds off it. Yoda asks Qui-Gon how the Jedi can hope to survive. Qui-Gon assures him that there’s always hope, but it often comes in unexpected forms that are hard to see. Qui-Gon instructs Yoda to travel to the Origin of all life in the galaxy, where he will be guided in the next part of his training to retain his identity after death. Yoda then returns to R2 and departs Dagobah.


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