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Rig Nema

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Name: Rig Nema
Type: Jedi physician
Species: Halaisi
Homeworld: Halais
Gender: Female
Born: —
Died: —
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Green
Height: 1.8m
Skin: Yellow

Acrobatics: 4D
Brawling Parry: 3D
Dodge: 4D
Laser Scalpel: 2D+2
Lightsaber: 4D+1
Melee Combat: 4D
Melee Parry: 4D
Running: 4D

Alien Species: 5D
Biochemistry: 4D
Biochemistry: Hematology 6D
Biochemistry: Oncology 5D+2
Biochemistry: Toxicology 5D
Biochemistry: Pharmacology 5D
Scholar: Jedi Lore 4D
Scholar: Jedi Healing Methods 8D
Streetwise: 5D
Willpower: 4D

(A) Bacta Tank Operation: 3D
Beast Riding: 3D+1
Sensors: 3D
Sensors: Medical Equipment 4D

Bargain: 5D
Hide: 3D
(A) Injury/Ailment Diagnostic: 4D
Investigation: 4D+1
Persuasion: 4D
Persuasion: Calming: 4D+1
Search: 4D

Climbing/Jumping: 5D
Lifting: 3D+1
Stamina: 4D+1
Swimming: 4D

Computer Programming/Repair: 3D
First Aid: 5D
Lightsaber Repair: 4D
Medicine (A): 6D+2

Special Abilities:
Force Skills: Control 6D+1, Sense 5D+2, Alter 5D+1

Force Powers:

Control: accelerate healing, concentration, control disease, control pain, enhance attribute, force of will, heal, hibernation trance, regenerate, reduce injury, remain conscious, remove fatigue

Sense: Combat sense, life detection, life sense, receptive telepathy, sense Force

Alter: Telekinesis

Control and Sense: Farseeing, lightsaber combat, projective telepathy

Control and Alter: Accelerate another’s healing, control another’s disease, control another’s pain, detoxify another’s poison, force revive, force treatment, place another in hibernation trance, return another to consciousness

Control, Sense and Alter: Affect mind

Force Sensitive: N
Force Points: 1
Dark Side Points: 0
Character Points: 12
Move: 10

Equipment: Medical kit, Medpac, medical sensors

Background: Rig Nema was a Halaisi female Consular Jedi doctor who served the Jedi Order during the Clone Wars, the full-scale conflict between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

At some time during the war, one of Doctor Nema’s patients was none other than Grand Master Yoda, who had started to hear the disembodied voice of the late Master Qui-Gon Jinn, much to the Jedi Council’s concern.

Doctor Nema was meticulous and professional in her work, when Yoda was her patient, she examined him several times to confirm her diagnosis, constantly checked his vital signs, and regularly made her report to the Jedi Council about his health.

She did not hesitate to suggest dangerous procedures, like the deprivation ritual, in order to help her patient. As soon as the situation became too alarming for Yoda’s life, Master Kenobi ordered Nema to immediately stop the ritual, which she was reluctant to do. She had warned about the risks the deprivation ritual could represent, and seemed to be surprised when she was told to interrupt it. Kenobi insisted, and she complied.

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