Luminara Unduli

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Name: Luminara Unduli
Type: Jedi Master
Species: Mirialan
Homeworld: Mirial
Gender: Female
Died: 19 BBY / 981 GC
Hair Color: Grey
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 1.7 meters
Weight: 56.2 meters
Skin: Olive

Brawling Parry: 4D+1
Dodge: 7D
Lightsaber: 11D
Melee Parry: 5D
Melee Combat: 5D+2

Alien Species: 5D
Bureaucracy: 5D
Cultures: 4D
Languages: 3D+2
Planetary Systems: 4D+2
Scholar: Jedi Lore 4D
Streetwise: 4D
Survival: 4D+1
Tactics: 4D
Willpower: 6D+2

Beast Riding: 3D+2

Command: 5D
Hide: 3D
Investigation: 5D+1
Persuasion: 5D
Search: 4D+2
Sneak: 3D

Brawling: 4D
Climbing/Jumping: 6D+1
Stamina: 6D

Computer programming/repair 3D+2
First Aid: 4D+1
Lightsaber Repair: 6D
Security: 5D+1

Special Abilities:
Force skills: Control 7D, sense 9D+1, alter 8D

Force Powers:
Control: Accelerate healing, concentration, control pain, emptiness, enhance attribute, force of will, hibernation trance, reduce injury, remain conscious, remove fatigue

Sense: Combat sense, danger sense, life detection, life sense, magnify sense, sense Force

Alter: Telekinesis

Control and Sense: Farseeing, lightsaber combat, projective telepathy

Control, Sense and Alter: Affect mind, battle meditation

Force Sensitive: Y
Force Points: 10
Character Points: 17
Move: 10

Equipment: Lightsaber (5D), Jedi robes

Background: Luminara Unduli was a Force-sensitive female Mirialan who served as a Jedi Master and Jedi General in the fading years of the Galactic Republic. She was a valued adviser to the Jedi High Council, the Supreme Chancellor, and the Galactic Senate. During the Clone Wars, she fought with her last Padawan, Barriss Offee, and she was a common and formidable presence at points of crisis, on worlds such as Ilum, Nadiem, and Geonosis. She was killed during the Battle of Kashyyyk when Contingency Order 66 was enacted.

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