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Species: Bogwing
Planet of Origin: Naboo

Dodge: 4D+2
Melee Combat: Claws 6D+2
Melee Combat: Beak 6D


Brawling: 5D

Special Abilities
Claws: Do STR+2D damage.
Beak: Does STR+3D damage.

Move: 18 (flying), 6 (walking)
Size: 1-3 meters long, 1-5 meter wingspan

Background: Bogwings were a reptavian species native to the planet Naboo. During Gulliball games played by Gungans, bogwings were released into the sky to signal halftime. Bogwings were known to be able to carry nine times their own weight. They were also very territorial. They could also be found on the swampy world of Dagobah, where they made their homes in gnarltrees. Other locations where they could be sighted were Aleen, Zygerria, Onderon, and Nal Hutta.

Appearances: The Clone Wars

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