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The Clone Wars S03E19 Counter Attack

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Escape from a Separatist prison!
Carrying information about secret
routes into the heart of the
Republic and Separatist homeworlds,
Jedi Master Even Piell was captured
and imprisoned in a fortress known
as the Citadel.

Leading an elite strike team,
Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker
rescue Master Piell and his officers.
Now the Jedi have split up to evade
Separatist forces as they attempt
to escape the Citadel….

As Anakin Skywalker and his team edge along a magma-filled chasm in the caverns underneath the Citadel, he contacts R2-D2 to prepare their ship for departure. Kenobi, whose team is sneaking through the Citadel’s ventilation shafts, is about to rendezvous with the shuttle on a landing platform, but they blunder into a probe droid. Although they manage to destroy it, security hatches begin shutting off the vents, killing yet another clone trooper and slowing the group’s progress.

Meanwhile, warden Osi Sobeck is contacted by Count Dooku, who presses him to gain the full information about the Nexus Route. At the same time, Ahsoka Tano, who is leading the team while Skywalker covers their retreat, becomes the object of open criticism by Tarkin, with whose general viewing points about the Jedi’s role in the war Skywalker begins to sympathize. They meet a wall which bars their progress, and commando droids armed with force shields attack from behind. Skywalker criticizes Tano for not taking out the wall, stating that Jedi Master Plo Koon would have informed her to do so had she really been assigned to the mission. But Tano manages to blow up the wall and take out the droids, allowing them access to a fuel pipeline which will bring them to their rendezvous point. R2 encounters a hazard of his own as they find the landing platform where they should meet Kenobi’s team guarded, but the little droid manages to fool the attending tactical droid K2-B4 that he is actually a prisoner of his droid squad and thus gets inside the fortress.

When Obi-Wan notices the shuttle seemingly abandoned, he senses a trap and attempts to approach it via a detour route, but finds that Sobeck has anticipated this tactic and prepared a welcoming party consisting of a squad of heavily armed battle droids. They are brought before Sobeck as prisoners. In an attempt to get the information, Sobeck executes one of the clone troopers before ordering the security droids to have them interrogated. R2 learns of this, however, and his battle droid team diverts the prisoners to freedom. Skywalker’s team likewise runs into a droid force at their exit point, but Skywalker manages to annihilate them by blowing up the pipeline. These escapes plunge Sobeck into difficulties for providing an explanation to Dooku, and in desperation he sends out his remaining forces to the landing platform, where Skywalker’s team rejoins with Kenobi’s. During the fight with the droids that follows, a commando droid commandeers one of the platform cannons and prepares to fire at the shuttle. Echo attempts to intercept him, but the droid succeeds, destroying the shuttle and critically injuring Echo, and he is presumed dead.

With their immediate means of escape gone, Kenobi calls for retreat, and soon contacts the Jedi Temple, requesting a rescue operation. While the fleet is on its way, the fugitives have no choice but to hole down within the cave system until help arrives, and with Fives throwing a last thoughtful look back to his friend Echo’s charred helmet, the group departs to find a hiding place.


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