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Name: —
Type: Colicoid Creation Nest Droideka
Degree: Fourth Degree
Class: Destroyer Droids
Sensor Color: Red
Plating Color: Bronze
Gender: None
Personality Module: None

Blaster: 6D

Intimidation: 4D


Search: 5D



Equipped With:

• Light Repeating Forarm Blasters
• Shield Generator
• Body Armor
• Roll Motor
• Two visual and two auditory sensors – Infra Red Vision

Special Abilities:
Shields: Destroyer droids are equipped with a shield rated at 2D

Wheel-Mode Armor: While in wheel-mode Droideka have Body Armor giving
them +2D to their Strength when resisting damage

Equipment: Two Light Repeating Blaster forearm units (6D, 3-50/120/300), Shield Generator (2D), Body Armor (+2D)

Move: 7, 12 in Wheel-Mode
Height: 1.83 meters
Cost: 4,000 credits
Availability: X, 4

Background: Droidekas, also known as destroyer droids (destroyers for short), or as rollies in clone trooper slang, were a type of droid used by the Trade Federation during the Invasion of Naboo and, later, by the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars. Manufactured by the Colicoids on Colla IV, droidekas were dangerous and deadly, designed to exterminate their adversaries with extreme prejudice. They could transform their shape by curling into a ball and moving up to 75 kilometers per hour across a surface, or stand on three legs and utilize a shield generator while firing at a target. Before the Invasion of Naboo, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jinn had to face droidekas on a Droid Control Ship.

Shelled in bronzium armor, droidekas came equipped with numerous armaments, both defensive and offensive. In particular, they made use of twin repeating blaster cannons and personal deflector shield generators, which meant that when clones conducted mass attacks, they were scythed down by the droideka’s twin repeating blaster cannons, and nothing could be done, unless the clones could get an EMP through the shield, or artillery could be called in. A droideka’s shields were so strong and powerful that they could easily repel or deflect short-range, high-velocity attacks; rendering sidearms or blasters ineffective. The droideka was able to fire through its shield because the shield was polarized (meaning that it was phased) to allow the droideka’s blaster bolts to travel out, but would stop any projectiles from coming in. Most hand-held weapons did not have enough power to pierce it. Although powerful, they featured several flaws that could be exploited to guarantee a kill; droideka were blind from behind and their shields were ineffective against slow and stationary objects. Rear assaults, coupled with a distraction and a well-thrown Electro Magnetic Pulse grenade, were an extremely effective combination.

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