Monday, June 17, 2024

Stun Cuffs

Type: Standard stun cuffs
Cost: 100
Availability: 2 or 3, F
Game Notes: Stun cuffs have a Strength 6D to hold individuals. The stun feature can be set to passive, active or be controlled remotely. The stun setting can be set from 2D to 5D.

Background: Also known as binders or restraints, were devices designed to restrict the movement of an individual’s limbs, primarily their hands. Many versions were designed with the ability to shock the wearer if they struggled, particularly versions intended to be used on Force users. Some stormtroopers carried stuncuffs in case they needed to conduct arrests.

Emperor Ollie

Emperor Ollie, AKA Oliver Queen & Shooting Wamprats, has published several fan made source books for Star Wars The Roleplaying game including Ahsoka the Novel Sourcebook, Star Wars Rebels Sourcebook Season 1 & 2, The High Republic: A Test of Courage Sourcebook, Splinter of the Mind's Eye Sourcebook and countless others.

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