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The Citadel

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Name: The Citadel
Planet: Lola Sayu
Starport Type: Stellar
Traffic: Light
Control: Republic / Imperial
Docking Areas: Landing Pad
Docking Fee: None
Customs: Yes
Law Enforcement: Republic / Imperial
Services: Fully Serviced
Population: 1,100
Points of Interest:

Background: Built on the planet Lola Sayu, the tower-like Citadel sat on a bridge between two yellow lava lakes and was powered by geothermal energy. The prison’s structure was widely believed to be impregnable, with its front section sticking out over the lava, the back giving out to the prison’s landing field, which was protected by fences and security emplacements. The outer walls of the Citadel were laced with hundreds of electromines, which, when combined with the planet’s high winds, prevented infiltrations by pushing would-be infiltrators into the lava lakes below. Searchlights could pick out anyone attempting to enter or exit the prison, and every door along the outer wall was protected by a ray shield.

Within the Citadel was a labyrinth of identical hallways and corridors. Each hallway was protected by electrified walls, magnetic ceilings and floors, rapidly closing blast doors, cameras and automatic lasers. All security equipment was monitored from the central control room located at the top of the prison tower. Outside the prison was a landing platform, which was protected by two manned turrets.

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