Sonic Helmet

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Model: Sonic Helmet
Type: Emotion Interrogation System
Cost: Not for sale
Availability: R

Game Notes: Character must make a Difficult Willpower roll after first day of injection to defeat the device. After the second day the player can make another roll at one difficulty level higher. After third day character can make on last roll at an heroic difficulty level to defeat the device. If roll fails character is is open to breaking and revealing the truth to the technician. If Character is forced to endure the device a fourth time all Willpower rolls are at -2D for each subsequent time the device is used. If Willpower ever reaches 0D then the character is put in a permanent vegetative state.

Background: The Imperial ISB Interrogator Doctor Gorst created the Sonic Helmet that contained choral dying screams of the Dizonites, a sentient species native to the Outer Rim Territories moon Dizon Fray, which caused severe emotional distress to those who listened to them. This device used the audio’s as a torture method. Gorst curated the recordings to use what he believed were the screams of Dizonite younglings to cause as much distress as possible.

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