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The Clone Wars S01E01 Ambush

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“Great leaders inspire greatness in others.”

A galaxy divided by war! Peaceful
worlds must choose sides or face
the threat of invasion. Republic
and Separatist armies vie for the
allegiance of neutral planets.

Desperate to build
a Republic supply base on the
system of Toydaria, Jedi Master Yoda
travels to secret negotiations on a
remote neutral moon….

Jedi Master Yoda is dispatched to the dried coral moon of Rugosa to convince King Katuunko to allow the Galactic Republic to build a base in Toydarian territory. As the Toydarian monarch King Katuunko and his retinue await the arrival of their Jedi envoy, Asajj Ventress arrives and presents Katuunko with a hologram of Count Dooku, who attempts to express the Jedi’s supposed incapability to protect Toydaria in hopes of swaying the king to his cause. In orbit of the Rugosa moon, two Banking clan frigates ambush Yoda’s ship, forcing him to take an escape pod while his ship escapes the system. Three clones—Lieutenant Thire, Jek, and Rys—accompany him to the surface.

The Republic frigate leaves the system, a move that Asajj Ventress spins to the king as a sign of weakness. Her attempts at persuasion are interrupted however by a holographic call from Yoda, in which the Jedi Master offers his greetings. Ventress then suggests a deal: if Yoda can escape her best troops, then Toydaria will be free to join the Republic. But if he should fail and the droids prevail, Toydaria will join the Separatists.

Agreeing to Ventress’ proposal, Yoda and his troops march through the coral forest as a Separatist landing ship carrying a full battalion of droids arrives. Yoda and his men then face off against a large number of droids and several tanks. The tanks find it difficult to penetrate the dense coral forest, forcing the droid commander 224 to send his troops out on foot, which allows the clones to ambush them in small groups. Eventually, Thire is wounded, and the group is forced to retreat.

Yoda and the clones make their way to a dried gulch lined with caves, to rest and recover. Inside a cave, the clones are less than enthusiastic about their current situation, as they find themselves outnumbered and outgunned. To raise spirits, Yoda gives his troopers a small lesson about them being individuals despite their origin as clones, and that it is their mind which makes them strong, not their numbers or weapons.

As the droid column approaches, Master Yoda decides to face them alone, ordering his clone troopers to stay out of sight until their help is truly needed. The droids report the current situation to Ventress, who in turn orders them to open fire. Yoda ends up cutting the whole battalion to pieces, and angered, Ventress sends out ten droidekas to deal with the Jedi Master. Just before the droidekas can finish the Jedi Master, Thire launches their last rocket at an overhanging bluff, sending an avalanche of rock crashing down on the droideka reinforcements.

Katuunko is impressed by the display, and opts to have Toydaria join the Republic. Furious about the outcome, Dooku orders Ventress to kill the king. Ventress knocks the king’s Toydarian Guards unconscious and prepares to deal the killing blow, but Master Yoda arrives just in time, stopping Ventress mid-swing. Rather than surrender, Ventress quickly triggers an avalanche with pre-planted explosive charges, using it as a distraction to escape in her solar sailer. King Katuunko gladly accepts Yoda’s offer to join the Republic, and Republic gunships come to retrieve the group.


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