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Type: Standard macrobinoculars
Skill: Sensors
Cost: 100
Availability: 1
Range: 100 meters to 1 kilometer

Game Notes: All search and Perception-oriented skills are increased by 3D when using the macrobinocular to view areas more than 100 meters away. If attached to a blaster via specialized programming software, they provide a +3D bonus to all medium and long-range shots, provided the attacker is in a steady “sniper” position.

Background: Macrobinoculars were a type of electronic binoculars that allowed a user to view distant objects from afar. An electronic optical device, macrobinoculars allowed users to observe from afar, and provided additional information on the distance and altitude of the object under observation. Its heads-up display identified limited data including range and zoom. Some models were fitted with optics equipped with a recording system, allowing users to select pictures to be saved, though macrobinoculars lacked the processors built into electrobinoculars to rework and improve the picture. The MB450 macrobinoculars could also be used at night. Unlike other magnifying devices like monoculars and telescopes, macrobinoulars produced three-dimensional images.

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