Name: Katuunko
Type: Toydarian King
Species: Toydarian
Homeworld: Toydaria
Gender: Male
Born: 50 BBY (950 GC)
Died: 20 BBY (980 GC)
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Yellow
Height: 1.52 meters
Skin: Gray

Blaster: 3D+2
Dodge: 4D

Alien Species: 5D+2
Bureaucracy: 7D
Business: 6D+1
Languages: 5D+1
Planetary Systems: 5D

Communications: 5D
Sensors: 5D

Bargain: 6D+1
Command: 5D
Con: 4D+2
Gambling: 4D+2
Hide: 4D
Persuasion: 6D+2

Flying / Hovering: 4D
Stamina: 4D


Special Abilities:
Flight: Toydarians are able to fly and hover moments after birth.
Force Resistance: Toydarians are resistant to Force powers that utilize the Sense skill, and receive a +3D bonus to any Perception or control rolls made to resist these powers. Any Sense powers used against a Toydarian that do not grant a resistance roll have their sense difficulty increased by +10.

Force Sensitive: N
Force Points: 2
Dark Side Points: 0
Character Points: 5
Move: 7

Equipment: Unlimited Wealth

Background: Katuunko was the King of the planet Toydaria and the Toydarian species during the Clone Wars. With honesty and his people’s safety as his greatest concerns, he initially kept his homeworld neutral in the conflict, but after agreeing to aid the suffering Twi’leks of the planet Ryloth when asked by the Galactic Republic he decided it was time to make a choice. After meeting with Senator Bail Organa of Alderaan and Junior Representative Jar Jar Binks, he agreed to let the Republic use Toydaria as a staging area to support supply missions to Ryloth, despite the Trade Federation’s Lott Dod opposing such action.

Katuunko arranged for a secret meeting between the Toydarian Royal Delegation and Jedi Grand Master Yoda on the neutral moon of Rugosa, but the arrangement was discovered by the Confederacy of Independent Systems and Sith apprentice Asajj Ventress was sent to disrupt it. Yoda successfully defeated Ventress’s forces and earned the Toydarian allegiance, after which Katuunko began representing the Toydarians in the Galactic Senate.

Count Dooku eventually arranged for Ventress’s replacement, Savage Opress, to capture Katuunko alive but the apprentice killed the King instead by force choking him, and throwing his corpse to the ground in the Toydarian Throne Room. When Dooku found out about this, he became infuriated with Savage.

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