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Force Powers

Force Push

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Alter Difficulty: Target’s Control or Strength Roll, modified by proximity.

Required PowersConcentration, Telekinesis

Effect: With this power, a Jedi may use the Force to push up to four adjacent targets backwards, possibly knocking them prone. Each target past the first incurs a -1D penalty on the Jedi using the power (ie, 1 target, no penalty; 2 targets, -1D penalty; 3 targets, -2D penalty; 4 targets, -3D penalty). Each target makes either a Control or Strength roll to resist, and the acting Jedi’s Alter roll result is compared to each result in turn to determine the effects. A target that is knocked back into a wall or other solid object takes 2D damage, in addition to any other effects.

EasyTarget(s) pushed back 1 meters, make Easy Dexterity roll or fall.
ModerateTarget(s) pushed back 2 meters, make Moderate Dexterity roll or fall.
DifficultTarget(s) pushed back 3 meters, make Difficult Dexterity roll or fall.
Very DifficultTarget(s) pushed back 4 meters, make Very Difficult Dexterity roll or fall.
HeroicTarget(s) pushed back 5 meters, make Heroic Dexterity roll or fall.

Background: Force push was a telekinetic ability of the Force that was used in an offensive or defensive manner and was thus employed by both the Jedi and the Sith.

Among the most basic of telekinetic abilities, Force push was used to repel objects, moving them away from the user. It could be used to varying degrees, from simply pressing against or softly moving targets away from the user, to shoving and staggering them, to knocking them backwards or to the ground, to sending them flying through the air, potentially causing serious injury or even death.

At more powerful levels, Force push could manifest as a telekinetic impulse created with the Force, generating a concussive burst of pressurized air akin to an explosive force from the user’s body that impacts against the target like a projectile. Depending on the power and skill of the user, stronger applications of this ability could be capable of shattering stone or blasting heavy steel doors. The greater the user’s telekinetic aptitude, the larger the pressure differential, and thus the stronger the effect and the heavier the target. With practice, a skilled Force user could increase the range and arc of the blast without lowering the average kinetic energy, creating a blanketing wave instead of a focused pulse. Savage Opress and Darth Vader could do such a thing.

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