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Species: Quarren
Homeworld: Mon Calamari

Attribute Dice: 12D

Move: 9/11
Size: 1.4 to 1.9 meters tall

Special Abilities:
Ink: Some Quarren have small ink sacs in their heads and can spray ink at an individual which reduces all Perception roles to 1D for 2 rounds.

Background: The Quarren, also known by the derogatory nickname “Squid Heads,” were a humanoid, squid-like sentient species native to the planet Mon Cala, where they coexisted with the Mon Calamari in a peaceful, albeit tense, relationship.

The Quarren were a squid-like species with four facial tentacles which protruded from their lower jaw. Their skin-color range included various hues of orange, salmon, tan, pink, and purple. They had a pair of deep turquoise eyes and finned hands with suction-tipped fingers. In the two long protrusions that extended from either side of their faces, Quarren had gill-like structures that were actually hearing organs.

An amphibious species native to the aquatic world of Mon Cala, the Quarren were natural swimmers and were most comfortable underwater, prefering to be immersed in liquid. They were also bipedal beings that could walk and sit upright. Capable of spitting clouds of black ink as a defensive measure in combat, such ink could also be released from a Quarren’s body when cut open at the mid-section by a lightsaber, a mortal act.

The Quarren species had male and female sexes, and their form resembled that of humans. The species’ native tongue was Quarrenese, though Quarren were able to speak fluent Galactic Basic.

Similar to their neighboring sentient species—the Mon Calamari—who shared their homeworld, the Quarren typically wore clothing that covered most of their body, though left their heads unadorned. However, the Quarren pirate Kragan Gorr wore an Imperial officer battle armor helmet.

The Quarren and Mon Calamari also shared the capability of sustaining cybernetic modifications. Additionally, a hybrid between the two existed by at least circa 146 BBY.

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