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Species: Gran
Home Planet: Kinyen

Attribute Dice: 12D

Special Abilities:
Vision: Grans’ unique combination of eyestalks gives them a larger spectrum of vision than other species. They can see well into the infrared range (no penalties in darkness), and gain a bonus of +1D to notice sudden movements.

Move: 10/12
Size: 1.1-1.8 meters tall

Background: Gran were a sentient humanoid species native to the planet Kinyen, but had colonies on many worlds such as Malastare, Hok, and Varkana. Identifiable by their three eyes and goat-like snouts, Gran also had small antennae-like nubs on the tops of their head and thick, bulky hands that could either have six large digits or five suction-cup-like digits. Members of this species included the Podracer pilot Mawhonic, the Galactic Republic senators Ask Aak, Philo, Kharrus, as well as the criminal Ree-Yees, who worked for Jabba the Hutt.

Gran were a sentient humanoid species who were identifiable from their goat-like faces and three eyes. Their heads were topped with four antennae-like nubs, two of which were short and straight and another set that were longer and curved. Gran could be found with two distinct body shapes, one being fat-bottomed and rotund at their mid-section and the other being skinnier and have proportions similar to a human. The former type also had hands that carried six slender digits. The latter type Gran either had smaller, human-like hands or fatter hands with thick digits that ended in flat suction-cup-like appendages. The Gran had two stomachs.

Gran hailed from the planet Kinyen but as a colonial species, they had migrated and adapted to dominate many worlds. Their most prominent colony was Malastare where they subjugated the Dug species. The Gran of Kinyen were known for their peaceful agricultural pursuits and for raising Houjix while the Gran of Malastare and Hok were known to engage in more greedy and dangerous pastimes such as underworld dealings and podracing. By 32 BBY, the Gran had integrated with the larger galaxy.

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