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Species: Arcona
Home Planet: Cona

Attribute Dice: 12D

Strength skills:
Digging: Time to use: One round or longer. Allows the Arcona to use their talons to dig through soil or other similar substances.

Special Abilities:
Senses: Arcona have weak long distance vision (add +10 to the difficulty level of all tasks involving vision at distances greater than 15 meters), but excellent close range senses add +1D to all Perception skills involving heat, smell or movement when within 15 meters.
Thick Hide: Arcona have tough, armored hides that add +1D Strength when resisting physical damage. (This bonus does not apply to damage caused by energy or laser weapons.)
Talons: Arcona have sharp talons which add +1D to climbing, Strength (when determining damage in combat during brawling attacks), or digging.
Salt Weakness: Arcona are easily addicted to salt. If an Arcona consumes salt, it must make a Very Difficult willpower roll not to become addicted. Salt addicts require 25 grams of salt per day, or they will suffer -1D to all actions.

Move: 8/10
Size: 1.7-2 meters tall

Background: Arcona were a sentient species of desert-dwelling humanoids that was native to the planet Cona. They lived in family-based communities and were notorious for their addiction to common salt. They also had triangular heads with two large eyes set wide apart,[5] and hands with three or four fingers. During the Clone Wars, an Arcona bounty hunter named El-Les assisted in the training of new clone troopers for the Grand Army of the Galactic Republic. Over twenty years later, shortly before the Battle of Yavin, a brown-skinned Arcona named Hem Dazon lived on Tatooine, where he had become stranded after spending all his money on salt and juri juice.

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