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Species: Neebray
Type: Vacuum Flying Creature
Planet of Origin: Kaliida Nebula


Special Abilities:
Flight: Needbray can travel in the vacuum of space floating on solar winds and can fly on standard gravity planets.
Silicon life forms: silicon-based life forms and can survive in the vacuum of space.

Move: 9, 1 (space units per turn)
Size: 1.5 meters wide, 0.5 meters tall

Background: Neebray were flying, limbless creatures which varied greatly in size and habitat. They could be found on many worlds, such as Rugosa, Rishi moon, Tatooine (where they sometimes circled over Jabba’s Palace), and even in space, notably in the Kaliida Nebula along the Balmorra Run.

On the moon Rugosa, tiny baby neebray flew among the coral forests of the moon’s long dried-up ocean beds as a stop along their interstellar voyage. A moderately large variety had translucent wings, and could be found on a Rishi moon. The gigantic neebray manta lived in the vacuum of space, feeding on stellar gases. They used the Kaliida Nebula as nesting grounds. They also used Veil Nebula as feeding ground, feeding on its stellar gases.

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