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The Mandalorian Chapter 21: The Pirate

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A Pirate’s Promise
On Nevarro, where High Magistrate Greef Karga is analysing plans for Nevarro City‘s expansion with two civil engineers and a Design Droid. The meeting is interrupted when Pirate King Gorian Shard appears over the city in his giant corsair. He hails Karga and begins complaining about the crew he lost while they were acting like homicidal douchebags a few episodes ago. Karga attempts to reason with Shard, but to no avail. Instead, the Pirate King begins bombarding the city, forcing the residents to flee for their lives.

Plee for Help
Desperate, Karga sends a plea for help to New Republic Captain Carson Teva, who’s currently stationed at a New Republic outpost on the planet of Adelphi. As the holo message plays, he’s joined by Security Chief Garazeb “Zeb” Orrelios, who expresses his disappointment that Nevarro appears to be lost.

When Zeb points out that the New Republic hasn’t been great about communicating with their station, Teva decides to fly to Coruscant himself and request help directly. He travels to the New Republic Headquarters on Coruscant and into the office of New Republic Requisition Chief Colonel Tuttle, where former Imperial Communications Officer Elia Kane as part of his staff. Tuttle is overloaded with datacards as the New Republic is not up to the tasks of managing a galactic government.

Kane takes note of Teva’s presence and interrupts the meeting to ask if the colonel would like anything from a nearby commissary. When Tuttle asks what she knows about Nevarro, Kane reveals that she used to be stationed there before pointedly remarking that the planet has yet to sign the charter to make them part of the New Republic. Teva points out that they can’t leave the people there defenseless, but Tuttle counters that his office already has a backlog of requests for aid from member planets.

Teva then expresses his belief that the Imperial activity on Nevarro and the pirate attack are connected to something much bigger — a theory made all the more troubling by rumors that Moff Gideon never made it to trial in front of a New Republic war tribunal.

Tuttle moves the conversation back to the immediate concern, which is Teva’s request to lead a squadron to aid Nevarro. Kane once again jumps in, this time expressing her belief that situations like this one help planets understand why they should sign on with the New Republic rather than remain independent.

Captain Teva isn’t thrilled with Kane’s “Imperial” way of thinking. After a short argument on differing perspectives, Tuttle interrupts to say he’ll see if any additional resources can be allocated but Teva understands this means his request has been rejected. Before departing, Teva warns the pair that something dangerous is happening in the galaxy — something that will slip beyond the New Republic’s control if they continue to ignore it.

Seeking Aid
While Greef Karga leads his people to the safety of the lava flats on Nevarro, Captain Teva flies his X-Wing to the planet where the Covert are hiding out. Predictably, the Mandalorians are unwelcoming of his arrival and about their location being discovered, especially when Teva reveals that it was R5-D4, a droid who aided the Rebellion, who helped lead him there.

Despite Paz Vizsla’s suggestion that they kill the New Republic interloper, Djarin decides they should let him live, on account of Teva cutting him a break. After seeing Karga’s holo message, he decides to hear him out. Teva explains that his New Republic superiors won’t do anything to help, leaving Djarin’s friend in grave danger. He also acknowledges that this isn’t Djarin’s fight while admitting that he thinks it’s connected to something bigger.

Before leaving, Teva assures the Mandalorians he won’t reveal the location of their covert despite knowing they’ll relocate anyway.

Plan of action
That evening, Djarin makes his case to the tribe for helping Karga, a man they once fought with to help Djarin rescue Grogu. He explains to the Covert that the man has proven to be a trusted ally since then, but it’s clear the others remain skeptical.

Things start to look even worse when Paz asks to speak. Instead of blasting Djarin’s request, however, he praises both him and Bo-Katan for rescuing his son despite the personal differences they’ve had. He goes on to say that when two of their own ask to take up arms in the name of a brighter future, they are duty-bound as Mandalorians to agree.

Paz’s speech results in enthusiastic declarations of “This Is the Way.”

The Assault
The following day, Bo-Katan goes over a battle plan with the rest of the tribe. While she and Djarin provide air support, two strike teams will be air dropped into Nevarro City. Bo-Katan’s starship ‘The Gauntlet’ and the Din’s Modified N-1 will keep Gorian Shard’s corsair and R-41 fighters busy while the ground forces take out the pirates.

Before they depart, Djarin reminds everyone that Nevarro was once their home. Although they previously had to hide in the sewers, they now have the chance to return to the planet as heroes.

The Mandalorians exit out of hypersoace and enter Nevarro’s atmosphere and begin executing their battle plan. Djarin engages the corsair, which launches its snub fighters. Once Gorian Shard’s air support is diverted, Bo-Katan flies over Nevarro City and drops the two strike squads, who begin kicking all types of pirate ass. One of the groups gets outflanked, but is saved when Paz shows up like a boss and begins mowing the enemies down.

The ground teams become pinned down after a pirate sets up a high-powered repeating blaster on Karga’s balcony. Thankfully, the Armorer is able to make her way upstairs and eliminates the pirates with her forging tools.

As the last remaining pirates begin to fall back, they are outflanked by Karga and his people, forcing them to surrender.

In the skies above, Djarin continues to outmaneuver the pirate fighters while Bo-Katan uses the opening to take out one of the corsair’s engines. Shard calls the fighters back, but ends up losing even more of them along with another engine and most of his ship’s shields. Vane realizes he’s the only pirate pilot left and flees rather than protect Shard.

Despite pleas from Shard’s remaining crew to retreat, he orders a bombardment of the Nevarro City refugees. With the skies cleared of fighters Djarin and Bo-Katan are able to take out the ship’s last remaining engine, causing the corsair to crash and explode.

Once the Mandalorians have regrouped, Karga thanks them for their bravery before offering a large tract of land to call their own.

Walking Both Worlds
The Armorer requests Bo-Katan’s presence at her old forge beneath Nevarro City, where she asks her to remove her helmet. Bo-Katan is understandably hesitant, but does so after she insists. The Armorer then expresses her belief that Bo-Katan seeing the mythosaur was a sign that a new age has dawned, one that will require a Mandalorian who’s walked in both worlds of their divided culture.

It is time for Bo-Katan to lead them in taking back Mandalore.

Answers and Questions
During a future patrol, Captain Teva and Lieutenant Reed find a derelict New Republic Lamda-class shuttle being used as a VIP prison transport with a breached hull. Despite the ship’s details being classified, Teva is able to match up its departure times with the schedule for Moff Gideon’s transportation. After sending a probe into the wreckage, Teva notes that there is no sign of Gideon and that all the New Republic personnel are dead. Floating amoungst the bodies of New Republic Troopers is that of Cara Dune, her lifeless arm floats in the coldest of space. There was only one survivor of the shuttle, the prisoner.

Reed then points out a piece of beskar lodged in the ship’s hull, potentially incriminating a group of Mandalorians.


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