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The Clone Wars S07E12 Victory and Death

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Ahsoka Tano and Rex find themselves trapped in the medical bay of the Tribunal, with clone troopers closing in on them. Rex asks Ahsoka how they can get out, and she tells him she has a plan. He asks her what it is, and she instructs him to set his pistols to stun to avoid killing the troopers. Rex quips that she ought to tell the troopers about that. With Ahsoka saying to wait until the cutting is complete, they stand ready. Ahsoka uses the Force to push the door back when the cuts converge, deflecting blaster fire while Rex stuns his former squadmates. Ahsoka orders R7-A7 to find a way out, and the droid closes several blast doors, cutting off most of the troopers. Since the escape pods have been destroyed, Ahsoka suggests using a shuttle to escape. When Rex asks Ahsoka if she has heard that Maul has escaped, she tells him that she didn’t let him escape but let him out as a diversion. As Ahsoka and the droids run down the hall, she urges Rex to come along. As he follows her, Rex says, “That’s one word for it.”


Maul heads towards the hyperdrive room, still using a clone trooper’s wrist comm to listen to their radio chatter. He overhears one of the clones reporting to Jesse that Tano has escaped and Rex is still missing in action. Jesse asks if Rex aided in Tano’s escape, but the clones don’t know. As two clone troopers appear, Maul uses the Force to choke them.

After entering the hyperdrive room, Maul uses the Force to dispatch the clone troopers quickly and violently. He tears the control console away and then rips the hyperdrive engines out of their moorings. An officer on the bridge reports that the hyperdrive is failing and is ordered to disengage them, but cannot. More troopers enter the hyperdrive room, but they are crushed when Maul brings the hyperdrive engines down on them. Now emitting smoke and explosions, the vessel emerges from lightspeed and heads towards a moon.


Ahsoka and Rex arrive at hangar control, surprising the officers present. Rex observes that the clones were already aware of their intentions and had locked down the hangar bay doors and all systems. He admits that he would be proud of them if they weren’t trying to kill them. Ahsoka assigns R7 to unlock the bay doors, Cheep to prepare the shuttle, and G-G to investigate the hyperdrive’s condition. Maul overhears the clones’ report on their comlink to Jesse that Tano and Rex are heading to the hangar. Upon receiving the message, Jesse orders the clones to assemble there but wait for his signal before acting.

In the control room, G-G informs Rex that the hyperdrive has been destroyed, and they are stuck in the gravity well of a nearby moon. Ahsoka orders R7 to open the doors as Jesse’s troops approach. Maul follows them, and the damaged ship begins entering the atmosphere. The bay door opens, revealing a Nu-class attack/transport shuttle and two platoons of clone troopers gather information below the observation windows. Rex suggests fighting to the shuttle, but Ahsoka disagrees, saying there are too many of them, and she doesn’t want to hurt them. Rex says that the clones are willing to die if it means taking Ahsoka and Rex with them. He becomes silent, and Ahsoka removes his helmet, revealing tears running down his face. Ahsoka acknowledges that he is a good soldier, but so are the troopers in the hangar, and she will not be the one to kill them. Rex asks if they should surrender, but Ahsoka says no. Rex believes there is no other option, but Ahsoka notices something about the clones waiting in the hangar. She shares her plan with the droids, promising to explain everything on the way, and leads the way out of the control room.

Jesse is informed that Maul is headed their way, while Rex appears in the hangar with Ahsoka held at gunpoint, telling the other troopers not to fire. Jesse wants to follow the orders, but Rex reasons that Ahsoka is no longer a Jedi, so Order 66 doesn’t apply to her. However, Jesse reminds Rex that he had said that Ahsoka was to be executed on the orders of Darth Sidious. Rex tries to appeal to their comradeship, but Jesse accuses him of treason for assisting the traitor, Ahsoka Tano. As Jesse orders his troops to aim at Rex and Ahsoka, some droids sneak past them and finish their work. Suddenly, the hangar elevators drop, knocking out most of the troopers. Ahsoka runs forward and uses the Force to push Jesse into the hole while Rex tosses her lightsabers back to her. Rex and Ahsoka fight off the remaining clones, but Maul enters the hangar and tries to run towards the shuttle. Ahsoka pursues Maul, but he pushes her into the pit. Luckily, G-G catches her with a grappling cable. Jesse and his troops regain consciousness and open fire on Ahsoka and the droids.

Maul takes off in the shuttle, but Ahsoka climbs up and uses the Force to hold it in the hangar. Meanwhile, Rex tries to hold off the other clones, but unfortunately, R7 gets shot, and Rex is hit in the shoulder. Ahsoka finds herself in a difficult situation where she has to choose between stopping Maul and saving Rex. Eventually, she reluctantly lets the shuttle go, and Maul escapes into hyperspace. As the clones surround Ahsoka, she uses her lightsabers to cut a hole in the floor leading to the starship bay. Jesse commands his troops to attack, but G-G and Cheep successfully raise the elevators before the clones can execute them. The cruiser enters the atmosphere, and the commanding officer orders the ship’s retrorockets to be fired to control their descent. However, a technician reports losing lateral control, and the ship will break apart. The Venator careens out of control and crashes into the moon.

Ahsoka managed to find a single Y-wing bomber that was still in working condition. She threw Rex onto the ship and tried to jump on it herself, but both the ship and Ahsoka fell out of the bay. While falling, Rex took control of the ship and saw Ahsoka falling alongside him. Ahsoka bounced off the debris and grabbed the opened gunner’s seat, pulling herself in. As the damaged capital ship descended below the clouds, Ahsoka looked up at the sky.

After a while, it is revealed that the Venator has crashed onto the moon’s surface, leaving a big dent. Rex is seen standing near the wreckage and loading a shovel and other supplies into the Y-wing. He also places the salvaged parts of R7 next to it. Wearing a cowl, Ahsoka stands by the helmet-marked graves of clone troopers, including Jesse. She holds up her lightsaber, prepared to leave it there to sell the deception that she, too, died in the crash. Although she initially resists, she eventually succumbs and allows her former Jedi weapon to slip from her grasp. She gazes at the graves and wreckage with a look of devastation.


The wreckage of the Tribunal remains at the crash site, covered in snow as time passes. Years into the Imperial Era, Imperial stormtroopers, snowtroopers, and probe droids search the wreckage. A Lambda-class T-4a shuttle lands near the site, and Darth Vader, the Dark Lord of the Sith, disembarks from the shuttle. He ominously walks across the icy fields and kneels down to reach through the snow. He finds and ignites Ahsoka Tano’s lightsaber that she had left there. Above him, a convor cries, circling in the sky. Vader watches the bird momentarily, then takes the saber, turns, and walks away. As he walks, his reflection is seen in the visor of a cracked helmet belonging to a clone trooper of Tano’s specialized division of the 501st Legion until it fades from view. The Clone Wars are over.…



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