Name: Nevarro
Type: Terrestrial
Temperature: Hot
Atmosphere: Type I (breathable)
Hydrosphere: Arid
Gravity: Standard
Terrain: Barren
Length of Day: 30 standard hours
Length of Year: 360 local days
Sapient Species: Humans
Starport: 4 Imperial class
Population: 15,000
Planet Function: Mining, Bounty Hunting
Government: Guild
Tech Level: Space
Major Exports: Rae materials, metals
Major Imports: Food, medicines

Background: Nevarro was a volcanic planet located in a sector of the Outer Rim Territories. A city on Nevarro was home to a number of various individuals, including the Bounty Hunters’ Guild, who were based out of a cantina on the planet. During the Imperial Era, the Galactic Empire controlled Nevarro, though they lost control of the planet after the end of the Galactic Civil War.

In the time of the New Republic, the planet and its city became a haven for bounty hunters working for Greef Karga, an agent of the Guild. The planet saw brief conflict when the bounty hunter Din Djarin rescued Grogu, an infant that he had delivered to a member of an Imperial remnant in a previous job, betraying the Guild. After Djarin’s escape from Nevarro, the planet was taken over by the forces of the Imperial remnant, who were led by the former Moff Gideon. Karga eventually tricked Djarin into returning to Nevarro with the Child, though later changed his mind about allowing the Child to be given to the Imperials, and worked alongside Djarin to defeat them. Despite the arrival of Moff Gideon, Djarin and his associates managed to defeat the Imperial remnant, giving Karga and soon-to-be Marshal Carasynthia Dune the chance to turn the planet into one of respectable business.

Djarin continued on his journey with his small companion before returning to Nevarro for repairs. After reuniting with Karga and Dune, Karga set his mechanics on the repairs and the two showed him the city. Karga then requested that Djarin help them destroy an Imperial base on the planet. There, they discovered that Moff Gideon was alive and was trying to retrieve the Child to use his blood for experimental research.

Points of Interest:

Imperial base

Lava fields

Twi’lek healing baths

Underground lava river

Major Cities:

Nevarro city


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