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Nevarro City

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Name: Nevarro City
System: Nevarro
Starport Type: Landing Field
Traffic: Low – Moderate
Control: Independent
Landing: Landing Pad (starfighters to corvettes)
Docking Areas: None
Docking Fee: 10 Credits a day
Customs: Local
Services: Fully Serviced

Background: Nevarro City was a city located on the planet Nevarro. It contained a bazaar, a cantina, which was later converted to a school, an Imperial facility, and the Twi’lek healing baths. Underneath the city ran a sewer, where the Tribe’s covert was located. A river of lava connected the city’s sewers and the outside landscape.

In 9 ABY, a skirmish took place in the city between forces of Moff Gideon’s Imperial remnant and a group of bounty hunters led by Din Djarin. After they liberated Nevarro from the Imperial control Karga and Dune rebuilt the city, with him operating as a Magistrate and Dune as the local Marshal. Afterwards, the city became a respectable place for a variety of citizens. The city streets became teeming with vendors, gathering places, and potted plants, and a stature honoring IG-11 was constructed.

The city continued to thrive, and the planet became an independent trade anchor and Outer Rim Hyperlane port of the Hydian Way. A construction boom was going on in the city, and money was made from belters that mined the asteroid fields at the edge of Nevarro’s system. Kowakian monkey-lizards resided peacefully on trees instead of being roasted.

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