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Gravity Hammer

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Model: Beskar Gravity hammer
Type: Crafting Tool
Scale: Character
Skill: Melee Combat: Gravity hammer
Cost: 2500 credits
Availability: X
Difficulty: Difficult
Damage: STR+2D

Game Notes: To forge Beskar a Mandalorian Armorer requires the use of a Beskar Gravity Hammer. As a weapon it includes all the abilities of Beskar Armor including the ability to block energy weapons such as lightsabers.

Background: A gravity hammer was a type of hammer used by the Armorer to forge Mandalorian armor. Around 9 ABY, the Armorer used it within her workshop inside the Mandalorian covert on the Outer Rim planet Nevarro to forge Din Djarin’s armor. Later, she used it within the covert on Glavis Ringworld to reforge a beskar spear to Grogu’s armor. She also used it to spar with Din Djarin, while she trained him to use the Darksaber, as the tool was able to repel strikes from the lightsaber.

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