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Species: Lasat
Home Planet: Lasan

Attribute Dice: 12D

Special Abilities:
Mistaken Identity: Lasat are occasionally mistaken for Wookiees by the uninformed – despite the height difference and Lasat tail – and are sometimes harassed by local law enforcement over this.

Move: 10/12
Size: 1.2-1.9 meters

Background: Lasats were a humanoid sentient species native to the Wild Space planet Lira San, though the species had settled the Outer Rim world of Lasan. They were thought to have been driven to the brink of extinction when Lasan was devastated by the Galactic Empire, but there in Wild Space were actually millions living on their true, isolated homeworld.

A humanoid sentient species, Lasats were notable for their impressive height, strength, and agility, with their muscular digitigrade legs enabling them to run faster, jump higher and farther, and move more quietly than humans.

Their large finger pads and prehensile toes assisted them in climbing. In addition, their large eyes and ears afforded them superior sight and hearing over humans. They had the strength to open a powered-down blast door. A height of two meters tall was considered below-average for a Lasat.

The fur patterns of a Lasat varied from individual to individual, and could change suddenly as they aged. Some humans considered a Lasat’s strong odor unbearably offensive.

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