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Ahsoka – S01E02 – Part Two: Toils and Trouble

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Ahsoka Tano is watching an injured Sabine Wren, who is recuperating from the lightsaber injury she sustained during the previous episode. As soon as Sabine wakes up, she reveals that she accessed the map and discovered two connected galaxies. Additionally, she mentions that she successfully defeated one of Shin’s droids that had attacked her. Upon hearing this, Ahsoka gets a brilliant idea and decides to leave to investigate further.

Ahsoka heads to Sabine’s residence in the Lothal communication tower, which Ezra Bridger previously inhabited at the start of Star Wars Rebels. As Ahsoka arrives, Sabine’s Loth-cat welcomes her. However, she soon gets attacked by Shin’s assassin droid from the prior night. Fortunately, Ahsoka manages to remove its head using her lightsaber quickly.

Sabine is currently at the hospital, working to extract the droid’s memory to trace its origin. Ahsoka and Sabine have the assistance of droid professor Huyang and Hera Syndulla, who call in via hologram. As the droid begins to power up, it poses a threat of overheating and exploding. Huyang becomes anxious and shuts down the droid’s head, but Sabine obtains the necessary information. The droid originated from one of Morgan Elsbeth’s factories in Corellia, who is an escaped villain.

Ahsoka plans to meet Hera at the factory, but Sabine protests and wants to join them. However, Hera advises Sabine to rest and assures her that Ahsoka wants her to care for herself. Hera shows her care for Sabine, who is a former crew member.

The Starmap

At a Nightsister ritual site, Morgan encounters Baylan Skoll and Shin Hati. Utilizing her Nightsister abilities, Morgan unlocks the map that Shin had given her, revealing the two galaxies that Sabine had seen in the previous episode. This is believed to be the destination of Grand Admiral Thrawn.

Baylan refers to it as the “Pathway to Peridea”, an old Jedi fable aimed at younglings. Morgan says that Thrawn is summoning her through space and time, and they must complete the Eye of Sion. She intends for Marrok, the former inquisitor with a mask, to accomplish his mission, and then she departs.

Shin inquires of her master what will happen when they locate Thrawn. Baylan responds that for some, it may lead to war, while for others, it could signify a fresh start. For them, it would mean power beyond their wildest dreams. He then sends Shin to Corellia to assist Marrok.

Corellian Shipyards

Ahsoka and Hera arrived at Corellia and were greeted by Myn Weaver, the Region Supervisor at Morgan’s old factory. Weaver, who was very obsequious, initially refused to show them around as he believed the New Republic should have seized Morgan’s assets. However, when Hera asserted authority over him, he had to comply.

Chopper, Hera’s irritable astromech droid, watched them from one of Hera’s ships, the Phantom.

Weaver takes Hera and Ahsoka on a tour of Morgan’s factory, where they discover that Imperial workers are still in charge. Hera questioned their loyalty, and Weaver revealed that they valued money over the Empire.

Hera inquired about Sabine, but Ahsoka dismissed the topic. Hera then asked Ahsoka directly to make Sabine her apprentice again.

Ahsoka replied that Sabine was not ready yet. Hera then asked a poignant question, “What makes someone ready?”

Ahsoka gave a cryptic response, “You just know. So do they.”

Tough Love

While at the Lothal hospital, Huyang notices Sabine’s lightsaber, and she clarifies that it belongs to Ezra, but he points out that she made modifications to it. Huyang then suggests it’s now hers and asks if she has continued her training. Sabine replies that Ahsoka refuses to train her. Huyang recommends that Sabine and Ahsoka move past their difficulties and continue with her training. Sabine compares herself to Ezra, expressing her lack of abilities. Huyang agrees that she has limited Force powers but advises her to stop wasting time moping over Ahsoka and hands her back her lightsaber.

Hyperdrive Heist

At the shipyard control center on Corellia, Weaver brings Ahsoka and Hera to show them around. Hera notices a hyperdrive core outside and wonders what it’s for since the New Republic has no ships that big. Weaver tries to brush it off as classified, but Hera persists in trying to get answers. Ahsoka asks about the droids stationed at the shipyard and whether there are any HK-series droids there. Weaver tries to deny it, but a shipyard protocol droid confirms that HK-series assassin droids have been causing trouble. The HK-series droids are on a transport outside, which suddenly takes off. Hera tries to stop it, but one of the workers resists and attacks with a blaster. Ahsoka fights off the attackers with her lightsabers while Weaver hides behind a droid.

Ahsoka shatters one of the windows in the control room and leaps to the ground to halt the ship. Meanwhile, Hera rushed to the Phantom as Chopper got the engines started. Unfortunately, Marrok blocked Ahsoka’s path, and they dueled.

Hera pursued the transport ship, which began firing on the Phantom II. Chopper suggested that Hera fire back, but she hesitated due to the shipyard below. Instead, she asked Chopper to prepare a tracking beacon, but the droid had trouble finding one. Eventually, he located it near the backup battery and got it ready.

Shin arrived to rescue Marrok, narrowly escaping Ahsoka. Hera maneuvered the Phantom II close enough for Chopper to land the tracking device on the transport before it jumped into hyperspace.

Preparation for Battle

Sabine returns to her home on Lothal and carefully lays out her Mandalorian armor, treating each piece respectfully. After putting on her armor, Sabine performs a ritual by kneeling before her helmet and cutting her hair to its classic style.

At the same time, security guards from the New Republic capture Weaver and other laborers on Corellia. Ahsoka proceeds towards her T-6A Shuttle and prepares to depart when she receives a holotransmission from Sabine in her armor, who informs her that she is ready.

Return of the Padawan

Sabine visits the mural of the Ghost crew on Lothal and touches Ezra’s face. Ahsoka joins her, and they head towards the Denab system near Seatos. As they depart from Lothal, Ahsoka affectionately refers to Sabine as her padawan.

Upon reaching Denab, they come across a massive structure under construction, resembling the old hyperspace rings used by the Jedi during the Republic and Clone Wars. This structure is known as the Eye of Sion, which Morgan plans to use to locate Thrawn. Baylan, Marrock, and Shin communicate with them, and Baylan expresses concern over Ahsoka’s arrival.

Baylan says Ahsoka is coming, and it’ll be sad for them to kill her, ending the episode.


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