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Ahsoka – S01E03 – Part Three: Time To Fly

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Return To Training

Ahsoka Tano’s T-6 shuttle serves as a training ground for Huyang and Sabine Wren. Huyang holds four hologram blades while Wren defends herself with a wooden sword. After observing Wren’s lightsaber skills, Huyang concludes that she needs improvement, but Wren believes otherwise. Tano suggests that Wren try the Zatochi technique, but Huyang disagrees, stating she is still prepared. Huyang then departs from the training room.

While alone, Tano notices that Wren relies on her Mandalorian equipment for her skills but cautions that more is needed to overcome their enemy. Tano advises Wren to focus on physical training and expand her mind, emphasizing that mastering the Force requires more profound dedication. When Wren inquires about how to achieve this, Tano suggests that it is something she must discover for herself. Wren confides in Tano that Huyang doesn’t believe she has what it takes to become a Jedi, which upsets Tano, but Wren doesn’t seem to care.

After their session, Tano gifted Wren a blast helmet and a wooden bokken saber. However, Wren pointed out that she couldn’t see through the blast helmet. Tano then advised her to use more than her eyes to see. Tano instructed Wren to stay still and find her using only her voice. Although Wren guessed that Tano was beside Huyang on her first attempt, Tano corrected her and revealed that she was actually in front of her. Tano then warned Wren that she wouldn’t survive in a real fight, but Wren confidently replied that she could if she could see Tano.

Tano advises Wren to focus by lowering her visor. As Wren holds her wooden blade in a pose, Tano instructs her to be aware of her surroundings and to listen to her guidance. Tano also encourages Wren to sense her purpose. Repeatedly tapping Wren with a bokken, Tano observes as Wren fails to respond with a counterstrike. Amid their training, Wren launches an aggressive attack on Tano, but Tano effortlessly blocks her moves and even manages to sweep Wren’s foot. After the sparring session, Tano advises that anger and frustration may provide temporary strength but ultimately cause imbalance. Huyang observes the training from a distance as Tano challenges Wren to another round.

The Council

General Hera Syndulla is on board the Home One, making her way through a corridor to attend a meeting with Chancellor Mon Mothma and a group of senators. The purpose of the meeting is to request backup to investigate a cargo transport that escaped to the Denab system. Before entering the conference room, First Officer Vic Hawkins alerts her that Senator Hamato Xiono is present. The meeting is conducted via holoprojectors, with Chancellor Mothma and the senators attending remotely.

During a conversation with Mothma, Syndulla was asked about her son Jacen’s well-being, to which she replied that he was playing with Chopper. After exchanging pleasantries, Senator Xiono redirected the conversation to business matters. Syndulla explained her investigation into the attack on the Vesper, leading her to the Santhe Shipyards on Corellia. There, she was attacked by Imperial loyalists working for Morgan Elsbeth. Senator Rodrigo defended the loyalty of most former Imperials working in the New Republic government. However, Syndulla argued that those who still say “Long live the Empire” do not possess the loyalty the New Republic seeks.

According to Mothma, the loyalists were apprehended, and the facility was closed for investigation. Syndulla agrees and suspects this is part of a bigger scheme involving Grand Admiral Thrawn. Xiono thinks Syndulla exaggerates the occurrence, while Mothma is surprised to learn that Thrawn is still alive. Syndulla is convinced that Thrawn is still alive and asks for authorization to lead a task force to the Denab system to investigate the matter.

Xiono disagrees with Syndulla’s rejection and suggests she is taking advantage of the New Republic’s forces to search for Ezra Bridger. Syndulla explains that Bridger vanished while battling Thrawn. Xiono accuses her of using Thrawn’s reappearance to obtain resources that could be better used to benefit the Republic’s citizens. Syndulla then asks if Xiono fought in the Galactic Civil War, to which he replies no. Syndulla then questions if Xiono was waiting on the sidelines to see who would emerge victorious.

Senator Mawood expresses gratitude towards Syndulla for her service and contribution towards restoring the Republic. He emphasizes that he and his colleagues strive to serve the people of the New Republic, who are not interested in being a part of any new conflict. Syndulla challenges Mawood’s stance by stating that he has no choice. Rodrigo intervenes by arguing that the Imperial remnants and their fleet are no longer a threat to the New Republic. However, Syndulla warns that the return of Thrawn could change the situation. Xiono requests Syndulla to present her case.

Syndulla cautions the senators that Thrawn is unlike any other Imperial officer, citing that he killed her close friends like family. She shares that she has spent much of her life fighting in a war and seeks their assistance in preventing another. Xiono suggests that Thrawn and Bridger perished during the Liberation of Lothal, but Syndulla becomes irritated. Mothma intervenes and requests Syndulla to allow her to speak with the other senators for a moment.

Syndulla, Hawkins, and a Mon Calamari officer leave the conference room and are accompanied by Jacen and Chopper. Jacen inquires if the rumor he heard about “Aunt” Sabine becoming a Jedi is true. When asked where he heard that, Jacen reveals that Chopper informed him. While Chopper responds in Binary, Jacen expresses his desire to become a Jedi. Syndulla consoles him by placing her hand on his shoulder and reassuring him that she knows his aspirations.


During a sparring class, Tano praises Wren for picking up skills quickly. However, Wren admits that while she can handle weapons, she struggles with the other aspects. Given the current situation, she asks Tano if there’s any way to speed up her training. Tano explains that it doesn’t work that way. Wren confesses that she can’t feel the Force the way Tano does. Tano clarifies that the Force is present in all living things, including Wren. When Wren asks why not everyone can use it, Tano explains that talent is a factor, but success is defined by training and focus. Tano further adds that not everyone has the discipline to master the Force. Tano places her cup on the table and advises Wren to start small. Wren promises to put her best effort into it.

In the cockpit, Tano talks to Huyang and learns that Syndulla has yet to send any reinforcements from the New Republic. When Huyang asks about Wren’s progress, Tano informs him that he is struggling and frustrated. Huyang reminds them that they both knew it would be a difficult task. Tano brings up Huyang’s statement about Wren lacking potential, but Huyang clarifies that he only stated the truth. He also defends the Jedi standards and states that Wren would not have been accepted into the Jedi Order.

Huyang notes that only a few Mandalorians have become Jedi. However, Tano responds by saying that she doesn’t require Wren to be a Jedi but rather to be true to herself. Huyang acknowledges that Tano comes from a line of unorthodox Jedi and suggests that Wren would fit in well. In the meantime, Wren is in the lounge pondering Tano’s words about the Force being present in all living things. She tries to summon a cup using the Force. Tano interrupts her through the intercom and informs her that she has received news from Syndulla.

Wren entered the cockpit and joined General Syndulla in a holo-conference. Unfortunately, Syndulla informed Wren that she and the New Republic Defense Fleet couldn’t join them at Seatos. The Senate Committee had refused to approve the mission. Before Syndulla could provide further details, the transmission abruptly ended. Huyang then explained that they had entered the Denab system, where all communications were jammed. At Syndulla’s request, Huyang took the ship out of hyperspace from a safe distance, following Jedi protocol for approaching an unknown situation. When Wren inquired about this, Syndulla explained that it was part of Huyang’s programming.

Shin’s Ambush

According to Huyang’s latest scan, the runaway transport was located on the far side of Seatos. However, he also detected another object with an unknown signature. Suddenly, the proximity alarm goes off, and six starfighters, including Shin Hati and Marrok, head toward Tano’s T-6 shuttle. Huyang identifies the “hostiles,” while Syndulla instructs Wren to take charge of the ship’s tail gun. Hati directs starfighters “two” and “three” to follow Tano’s ship. As the starfighters continue to pursue the T-6 shuttle, Wren advises Tano to maintain a steady course. Tano responds by encouraging Wren to anticipate better in the future.

Wren attempts to fight back against the enemy starfighters, but they are too agile for her. Tano inquires with Huyang about the object, but he only provides possible explanations. Tano responds by stating that there are better times than this one. Hati chases after Tano’s shuttle. Tano consults with Wren to determine her needs. Wren instructs Tano to act on her signal, and the two collaborate to plan their next move. Tano takes the ship on a dive by working together, creating a division between the enemy squadrons. Wren successfully shoots down one of the enemy starfighters.

Hati suggests that Two-Six accompany her, and the remaining enemy fighters form a group. Wren and Huyang work together to take down two more starfighters. Huyang spots an unknown object that seems to be a hyperspace ring, and Tano expresses interest in investigating it. She heads towards the ring while Hati informs Morgan Elsbeth that the intruders are approaching the Eye of Sion. Elsbeth is disappointed with Hati for not stopping the intruders earlier but promises to take care of them. She orders her starfighters to stay away and instructs the pilot droids to ready the turbolasers.

As the fighters disperse, Hati instructs Marrok to fly alongside her and await her signal. Huyang then advises Syndulla to maintain the ship’s stability while he attempts to scan the Eye of Sion. The navigation droid informs Elsbeth that the turbolasers are ready, and she commands them to target Tano’s vessel. However, Tano’s ship skillfully avoids the incoming fire. Tano manages the deflector shields, with Wren joining her in the cockpit, while Huyang continues to scan the hyperspace ring. Huyang urges Tano to move the ship closer despite the enemy’s relentless barrage. Nevertheless, Wren cautions that the deflectors are only at ten percent.

As Huyang finishes his scan, Tano’s ship is struck, and both the ship and Huyang lose power. Despite Wren’s concern for Huyang’s well-being, Tano urges her to focus on the ship. Hati confirms the loss of power and discusses the situation with Elsbeth and the remaining starfighters. Wren notifies Tano that the backup systems are functioning, but the hyperdrive and cannons must be fixed. Additionally, Wren warns Tano about the approaching enemy starfighters. While Wren works on repairs, Tano dons a spacesuit and takes her white lightsabers outside the ship.

Marrok and Hati spotted Wren on the wing of her shuttle, and they opened fire on her. During the first round of the attack, Wren managed to dodge enemy fire while simultaneously working on restoring the ship’s damaged systems. However, Hati and her squadron returned for a second run. Tano drew one of her lightsabers and used it to slice through a fourth starfighter, causing it to explode in space. Unfortunately, Tano was then swept into space and asked Wren if the ship’s systems had been fixed. Wren successfully restored the systems and used the shuttle’s wings to retrieve Tano, who fled inside the ship before Hati could shoot her. Wren then took Tano’s ship into the planet’s atmosphere, with Hati and Marrok in hot pursuit.


Wren and Tano are chased through Seatos’s storm clouds. They fly around a pod of space whales called purrgil. Meanwhile, Hati and Marrok pursue Tano’s ship. Tano and Wren cleverly utilize the hulk and tentacles of the enormous creatures to impede their pursuers from capturing them. Once they successfully evade their chasers, they steer their vessel beneath the clouds and towards the ocean. Huyang’s backup system reboots, and he inquires about what he missed. Tano and Wren recount the problematic experience that nearly cost them multiple lives.

Tano and Wren piloted the ship through the red forests, eventually landing in a clearing. Following Jedi protocol, Wren powered down the ship despite Huyang’s protests. They patiently waited for the enemy starfighters to pass overhead, with Hati checking for any signs of the enemy. Marrok reported that he couldn’t see them, leading Hati to suspect their enemies were concealed in the forests. As a result, they decided to regroup. Once the enemy had passed, Tano reactivated Huyang. Tano checked in with Wren to ensure she was okay, and Wren expressed that she had not seen any purrgil since Bridger’s disappearance.

During a conversation between Tano, Wren, and Huyang, Huyang informs them that the enemy structure is still being built. He reveals that six hyperdrives have already been installed, with the last one being added. Wren deduces that the structure is a hyperspace ring. Huyang comments that he has never seen a ring of this size being constructed before. Using his knowledge of the ship’s engines and setup, he estimates that it would have the ability to make a hyperspace jump of incredible speed and distance. Tano inquires about the possibility of a hyperdrive ring traveling to another galaxy. Huyang explains that, theoretically, this is possible if one has the correct coordinates and navigation. He also mentions that the Jedi Archives have records of intergalactic hyperspace lanes that used to follow the migration paths of purrgil.

At the star map, Baylan Skoll assembles a task force of HK-87 assassin droids and Scout guards to hunt down the Jedi who have taken refuge in the forest.


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