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Corellian Shipyards

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Name: Corellia Shipyards
Planet: Corellia
Starport Type: Stellar
Traffic: High
Control: Imperial / Republic
Docking Areas: 30 Capital Docking Bays, 150 Standard Docking Bays, 300 Hangers
Docking Fee: 15-100 credits per day
Customs: Imperial / Republic
Law Enforcement: Imperial / Local
Services: Fully Serviced
Population: 2 Million

Background: The Corellian shipyards, or the Coronet shipyards, were located in Coronet City on Corellia. After the founding of the Galactic Empire in 19 BBY, the shipyards were converted from civilian shipyards to the manufacture of Imperial-class Star Destroyers. Rebel agents there reported to General Airen Cracken about the status of the shipyard. During a mission to board a civilian freighter undertaken by the Partisans and members of the Spectres, upon analyzing the cargo of the freighter, Saw Gerrera stated that the materials were used for construction by the IImperial Navy, with Sabine Wren saying that the materials could have come from Corellia, or any other planet with shipyards.

Appearances: Solo, Ahsoka

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