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Sabine Wren’s Armor

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Model: Mandalorian Nite Owl Battle Armor
Type: Personal Battle Armor
Cost: Not Available For Sale
Availability: Unique

Game Effects:

  • Beskar Suit: +5D physical, +4D energy, no DEX penalties. Head, torso, and arms
  • Beskar Computer-linked Wrist gauntlets (datapad, holographic image caster, computer interface, and communications link-up; remote access computer systems 10 meters from the signal)
  • IR/motion Sensor: +1D PERC in darkness and/or against moving targets, ahead and to both sides.
  • APS-1 airbrush
  • Sensor Pod: +2D Search, 50-100m
  • Macrobinoculars: 100-250/500/1,000; +3D to Perception or search for 100-500 meters away
  • Mandalorian helmet: hands-free internal comlink
  • Environmental Filter: Blocks most harmful molecules in the atmosphere or seals within 30 minutes of air.
  • Broadband Antenna: Can intercept and decode most communications frequencies. Can patch into shipboard and vehicular communications systems.
  • Clan Wren Jetpack: 25 charges; Move 100 meters (horizontally), 75 meters (vertically) or maintain prolonged half-Move speeds or “hover” maneuvers for 50 minutes (with each charge good for 2 min of sustained 1/2 Move hover flight

Background: Sabine Wren’s armor was a handcrafted suit of Mandalorian armor handed down through the Wren Family for 500 years. Wren reforged it at least twice: to fit her when she first inherited it, and to further modify it sometime after the Liberation of Lothal. Her Nite Owl helmet was painted purple-pink, which matched her armor.

Sabine painted it in bright colors to suit her, repainting it with new color schemes on various occasions. During her time with the Spectres, in the years prior to the liberation of Lothal, she kept her starbird insignia on the breastplate, changing only the design’s colors with each repainting. In the years after the liberation, when she mostly stayed on Lothal, she painted a new design on her breastplate to go with new modifications she had made, abandoning the starbird insignia in favor of a Rebel Alliance starbird on her right pauldron.

Sabine had previously painted a dejarik board design and a number “5,” marking her callsign of “Spectre 5,” on the pauldron, a detail that had remained through several repaintings. On her left pauldron, she had painted a succession of creatures, including an anooba, a fyrnock, and a convor. By the time she left Lothal, sometime after the Battle of Endor, she had a purrgil painted on that pauldron.

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