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Ahoska – S01E01- Part One: Master and Apprentice

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Star Wars Ahsoka
and a NEW REPUBLIC has risen to take its place.
However, sinister agents are already at work
to undermine the fragile peace.

A plot is underway to find the lost
bring him out of exile. Once presumed dead,
rumors are spreading of Thrawn’s return which
would galvanize the IMPERIAL REMNANTS
and start another war.

Former Jedi Knight AHSOKA TANO captured
one of Thrawn’s allies and learned of a
secret map which is vital to the enemy’s plan.
Ahsoka now searches for the map as her prisoner,
MORGAN ELSBETH, is transported to the
New Republic for trial…

Unexpected Guests

The episode begins with a transport from the New Republic cruising through space. On the bridge, a navigator droid tells Captain Hayle that they’re entering Sector G-38. She then alerts him that an unidentified starship is heading towards them. The Captain asks the ship to identify itself and send their clearance codes. The comma officer informs the Captain that the other ship claims to be Jedi here to see the prisoner and is transmitting an old Jedi signal. The Captain decides to challenge them and sends security personnel to the hangar to greet the alleged Jedi. He leaves a female officer in charge of the bridge while he’s away.

As the shuttle nears the hangar, a group of blue New Republic soldiers led by Captain and, including a Mon Calamari named Jakris, head towards the “Jedi.” Two figures cloaked in robes emerge from the shuttle. The bearded man, Baylan Skoll, thanks Hayle for permitting them to board the ship. Hayle expresses his surprise at encountering Jedi in this area. Skoll notes that their existence remains unknown to most people, but Hayle doesn’t believe them and dismisses them as Imperial trash who have pushed their luck too far. Skoll cautions that Hayle is making a mistake. Hayle retorts that the Imperials should have surrendered earlier and orders Jakris to scan them for identification using RD-3.

Skoll offers to show their identification before motioning for his female apprentice Shin Hati to attack the New Republic soldiers and crew with her orange lightsaber. Hayle attempts to fire on the bearded man, but he uses the Force to suspend his blaster. Skoll agrees that he is no Jedi before stabbing the man with his orange lightsaber through his torso.

On the bridge, First Officer Jensen Corbyt receives news that the two intruders have killed Captain Hayle and are heading to the detention block. Hati forces her way into the bridge and cuts down Corbyt. Skoll cuts down several New Republic soldiers with his lightsaber, and Force chokes one. He opens a cell and finds a bound Morgan Elsbeth in a yellow jumpsuit. The bearded man uses the Force to remove her restraints. Elsbeth thanks Skoll for his word, prompting Skoll to say he is well paid for it. Elsbeth reveals that the Jedi Ahsoka Tano, who captured her, is seeking a map to find Thrawn.

Escape on Arcana

Meanwhile, Tano is searching for some ruins on Arcana. She approaches a runic circle in the middle of a stony courtyard and uses her twin lightsabers to cut a hole below. Tano finds herself inside an ancient chamber and gazes at a cloaked figure carved onto the wall. She touches a cylindrical structure and turns it a few times, which causes an object in the heart of the carving to glow. She repeats the process for the other four figures, chasing an altar with a rectangular stony object to rise from the floor.

Tano touches the stony box, which crumbles and reveals a golden orb. She informs Professor Huyang that she has found the object via comlink, but his transmissions are being jammed. Tano returns to the surface, confronted by a red HK assassin droid, who demands the Map. Tano finds herself surrounded by five assassin droids wielding electrostaffs. Tano draws her twin lightsabers in defense. Tano jumps back into the hole she created and uses her lightsaber to cut holes between three droids.

Returning to the surface, she fights the other two and cuts across the torso with her lightsaber. She beheads the fifth droid. As two droids emerge from their holes, the lead droid issues orders to initiate their self-destruct protocols. The other two droids comply, and Tano is forced to flee. While running, she contacts Huyang, who tells her their T-6 Jedi shuttle is above her position. She tells him to drop his ramp at a distance outside the ruins. The two escape before the assassin droids unleash a fiery inferno that sweeps through the ruins.

Inside the cockpit, Tano converses with Huyang about their communication difficulty, who tells her that he kept her ship at a safe distance following Jedi mission protocol. She replies that the Jedi Order doesn’t exist anymore. When Huyang says he has his programming, she advises him to stick close and watch her back. Huyang replies that is the job of a Jedi Padawan learner, which he is not. Tano tells Huyang that he found the Map based on Elsbeth’s information. When Huyang asks how she got Elsbeth to tell the truth, Tano replies that she wasn’t following Jedi protocol.

New Republic Fleet Command

Shortly later, they receive an incoming transmission from New Republic Fleet Command, who tells Tano and Huyang about the recent attack via comms. Tano and Huyang then travel to Home One via hyperspace. Tano identifies their ship as T-6 1974, and Fleet Command clears them to land at hangar 2-9. Inside the hangar, General Hera Syndulla greets them and informs them about the loss of Elsbeth.

Syndulla has prepared a briefing for Tano to catch up. In the briefing, Syndulla tells Tano and Huyang about the damage the two mercenaries have done, taking out an entire security detail and scuttling a new starship. Tano is unfamiliar with the attackers, who demonstrated Force powers similar to the Jedi. Huyang suggests that one of these intruders was once a Jedi. Tano tells Huyang to scan Skoll’s and Shin’s lightsabers.

When Syndulla asks about the mercenaries’ connection to Elsbeth, Tano says she hires them for plausible deniability. Tano also shows Syndulla the golden orb, explaining that Elsbeth was interested in this Map since she believed that it would lead to the location of Thrawn, the last Imperial Grand Admiral. Syndulla is surprised that Thrawn survived the Battle of Lothal, but Tano explains that she heard whispers of his survival. Syndulla asks if this means that Ezra Bridger is alive. Tano is uncertain but warns that their enemies are also searching.

Syndulla wants to look at the Map, but the key required to activate the Map eludes Huyang. Syndulla remarks that it is never straight with the Jedi. A Mon Calamari officer informs Syndulla that the Defense Council is requesting an update from her. Syndulla says she will attend to the matter and tells Tano she knows who can help her. Tano is uncertain that this friend will help, but Syndulla reassures that she will do it for Bridger.

A reluctant heroine

There is a celebration happening in Lothal’s Capital City. It is the seventh anniversary of the Empire’s defeat at the hands of Bridger, and Governor Ryder Azadi is giving a speech. Azadi credits Bridger for helping liberate their homeworld and dedicates several monuments, including a mural, to his memory and several rebel leaders. He says one of the heroes, Commander Sabine Wren, would like to say a few words. Azadi tells security to do a full parameter sweep and find Commander Wren via comlink when she doesn’t turn up. In the meantime, Senator Jai Kell speaks to the gathered crowd.

Meanwhile, Wren rides a speeder bike toward the old communications tower, Bridger’s old home. Two New Republic E-Wings close in and pace her on either side, Captain Porter and Lieutenant Callahan. Captain Porter tells her she is missing the anniversary celebration. He tells Wren to stand down, but she doesn’t listen. She instead accelerates and dives under the other E-Wing, which Lieutenant Callahan parks ahead on the highway as a roadblock. Wren outflies Callahan and heads to the communications tower.

At the communications tower, Wren feeds her pet Loth-cat. She then watches Bridger’s recording before he disappears at the Battle of Lothal. Bridger apologizes for disappearing without telling her. He says that as a Jedi, he has to decide that no one else can. Bridger regards Wren as a sister and says he trusts her to continue the fight. He wishes that the Force will be with her.

Unfinished business

On Arcana, Skoll, a former Inquisitor named Marrok, Hati, and Elsbeth inspect the recently destroyed ruins. When Hati asks what this place is, Elsbeth explains that it was an ancient temple built by her ancestors, the Nightsisters of Dathomir. When Hati asks, Elsbeth admits she is a witch and adds that she is a survivor. Skoll believes that Tano either stole the Map or was vaporized by the assassin droids. Elsbeth knows that Tano survived the blast. When Skoll says Tano was lucky, Elsbeth says fate has everything to do with it. She then sends Hati to Lothal to retrieve the Map. Hati seeks her master’s counsel. Skoll tells her to go to Lothal to seek Sabine Wren.

That night, Wren has a nightmare about Bridger. When she wakes up, she hears a perimeter alert. Outside the tower, she sees two X-Wings accompanying Tano’s T-6 into Capital City. In the capital, Tano parks her T-6 shuttle near a ledge on a high tower. Wren arrived while Tano was talking to Governor Azadi. When Azadi says that Wren missed the ceremony yesterday, Wren replies that it slipped her mind. Azadi says everyone missed her, but Wren replies only some were there. Huyang also greets Sabine, who recognizes him. Huyang says he still has 75 percent of the original parts before returning to the ship.

Azadi tells Wren to listen to what Tano has to say before leaving. Tano then shows Wren how to find Bridger while showing her the orb. They both go inside Ahsoka’s T-6 Jedi shuttle and discuss some things. Wren gazes at a bunk with several wall drawings, including a loth-cat. When Wren asks if she is certain Bridger is still out there, Tano says nothing is certain but that their enemy is seeking Thrawn, which leads her to the Map.

Tano explains she found the Map on Arcana, a Nightsister stronghold, thousands of years ago. Due to her skills as an artist, Tano seeks Wren’s help in deciphering the Map. Wren believes there is a code. Tano shares a scan of the Nightsister temple chamber where they found it. When questioned about where home is, Tano describes her soul as a home. Both women blame each other for not making it easy for each other. Tano replies that the Jedi way is hard.

Just then, Huyang has an update. Wren asks for permission to take the Map and study it. Tano refuses since she believes the Map is about more than just finding Bridger but preventing another war. She warns Wren that the Map stays aboard the ship before entering the lab to chat with Huyang. Huyang had scanned Skoll’s and Hati’s lightsabers. The droid says that he recognizes one of the two hilts built in the Jedi style. The one he knew belonged to Baylan Skoll, who disappeared at the end of the Clone Wars. Huyang tells Ahsoka that Skoll was Jedi-trained. Tano surmises that Hati was Skoll’s apprentice. He warns Tano that Skoll won’t be alone for long.

When Tano returned to the briefing room, Wren had already left with the Map despite Tano’s instructions. In the meantime, Wren rode her speeder bike back to the old communications tower. A probe droid popped out from behind a signal crossing and reported back to Hati and two HK assassin droids, who stood miles away on a hilltop.

Once Sabine arrived at the communications tower, she gathered some documents and activated a holoprojector. Sabine then started to study the star map. She warns her loth-cat not to touch the Map and begins investigating the Map for a key. On Ahsoka’s T-6, Tano and Huyang talked to General Syndulla about Wren via holoprojector. Tano worries about Wren, but Syndulla tells her to give her space. Syndulla believes that Wren is their best chance of reading the Map. Tano admits she has a problematic relationship with Wren, describing the Mandalorian as stubborn and bullish. Syndulla attributes these traits to her Mandalorian background and says mentoring can be challenging, recalling that Anakin Skywalker sometimes found her difficult. Tano says she walked away from her Jedi training and admits to walking away from Wren.

Meanwhile, Wren was still trying to solve the puzzle of the star map back in her home. She looked at a holographic map of the Arcana temple ruins (which had three figures and faces) and suddenly realized how to unlock it. Sabine rotated the sides of the round star map, and the Map projected a star map of another galaxy. She went out the door and on a balcony. Sabine then used a pair of binoculars and looked at the sky. Wren says she will be going on a trip.

The map heist

Suddenly, the loth-cat snarled, and a HK assassin droid attacked the Mandalorian warrior. Wren defeated it, but another droid grabbed her from behind. She managed to grab a blaster stored on the droid’s back and shoot the foot of the HK. Wren managed to break free, but the other droid entered her home and grabbed the unlocked star map. The HK assassin droid also destroyed Wren’s datapads and blasted the consoles. Sabine told Huyang that she needed help via a comlink. Wren then went inside and grabbed her lightsaber. She rushed downstairs, and Hati and the HK droid stood there.

Wren ignited her green lightsaber. Hati gave the star map to the HK droid and ignited her reddish-orange lightsaber. The two then began to duel. Their blades sparked against each other. Wren tried to retrieve the Map, but Hati was a better lightsaber duelist. Ahsoka tried to get to Wren as fast as possible, but it was too late. Wren raised her lightsaber above her head to counterstrike, but Hati skewered her through the abdomen. Hati was about to finish Wren, but she saw the T-6, so Hati and the HK droid ran off. Wren then collapsed onto the ground.




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